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17 TV Shows That Ended Exactly When They Needed To

More is not always better.

1. Fleabag

Hot Priest and Fleabag look at each other with soft smiles while sitting at a bus stop covered in graffiti

2. The Good Place

Eleanor and Chidi sit side by side looking emotional

3. Lovesick

Angus, Dylan, Evie and Luke wear formal clothes and walk through an archway smiling

4. The Leftovers

An old Nora and Kevin look at each other emotionally on a dance floor

5. Schitt's Creek

Patrick and David look at each other with emotion wearing suits and standing in front of their wedding guests

6. Friday Night Lights

Close up of Tim Riggins as he sits in the sun

7. Gavin and Stacey

Gavin and Stacey lay on a bed in each other's arms smiling

8. Please Like Me

Josh looks at his dad while sitting opposite him in a cafe

9. Dark

Jonas looks at Martha with a sad expression

10. Breaking Bad

Walter lays on the ground with a bloody jacket

11. Hannibal

Hannibal embraces Will; they're both covered in blood

12. Travelers

Close up of Grant frowning

13. Orphan Black

The clones sit around on outdoor furniture

14. Superstore

Amy stands in a business suit in front of a screen showing a photo of her and Jonah embracing in Greece

15. The Office (UK)

Dawn and Tim look at each other smiling

16. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca stands in front of a microphone looking concerned

17. Watchmen

Close-up of Angela looking distressed

What TV shows do you think ended at the perfect time? Let us know in the comments.