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Here's What Henry Cavill's Black Superman Suit Might Mean

Here's what it could mean, and why people are demanding he grow a mullet.

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Henry Cavill sneaked a peek at what looks like Superman's new suit on his Instagram!

Instagram: @henrycavill

If you remember the end of Batman v Superman, things weren't looking so great for ol' Supes...leaving Batman and Wonder Woman believing the last son of Krypton had bit the dust for good. (Also leaving audiences with a glimmer of hope everything would be fine with a shot of floaty dirt, and Cavill's ongoing contract with the studio.)

Cavill's sneaky 'gram sent fans into a wild fury of theorising about what this could mean for the Man of Steel.

There are a few really good theories, but here's TWO to consider.

First, what if Cavill wasn't sneaking Superman, but a more sinister creation who'll be a foe of the Justice League? Someone like Earth-2's Brutaal.

Also reading this BADASS comic. Apokolips Superman is the best #Superman. #Earth2 #EarthTwo #Brutaal #dccomics

We know the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is gearing up to have Darkseid as its big bad, so it might make sense that they bring in his evil version of Superman, Brutaal, who was – yup – typically clad in black! If you don't know, Darkseid is a massive tyrant who takes over worlds, and is basically OBSESSED with Superman.

Created by Darkseid using Apokoliptian tech, Brutaal was initially thought to be Earth-2's Superman under mind control, but he was later revealed to be a clone of Kal-El, entirely loyal to Darkseid. This would also explain Batman's "dream" in BvS where Superman had an army in a post-apocalyptic-looking world overrun by Darkseid's forces, and why he and Batman made sex eyes at each other.

But eagle-eyed fans also noticed a slight hint at what could be in store for the Kryptonian at the end of Batman v Superman.

Warner Bros.

When Superman was buried at the end of BvS his casket was – YEP – black with a silver S.


In the comic storyline "The Death of Superman", the world was rocked by the death of Supes at the hands of Doomsday.

Sound familiar? That's because it echos the events of BvS pretty closely, Superman perishing in a clash with Doomsday. But it turns out Superman wasn't ~dead~ in the comics and, after a year or so, his body was put into a regeneration matrix in his Fortress of Solitude. The most important fact being when Superman returned, still very weak from the whole ~dying~ thing, he wore a Kryptonian battle suit which was – YEPPPP – black and silver to absorb as much of Earth's yellow sun's power to regain his lost strength.

This is also why Twitter has started the hashtag #MulletForSuperman.

"[His hair] should be perfect. Longer, I guess. That's what the myths are anyway." ~ Zack Snyder #MulletForSuperman

When Supes came back in "The Death of Superman", he had grown a luxurious business-in-front, party-in-back hairdo that inspired a generation of heroes. People want Cavill to grow out his luscious mane because they know, if their theory that he's coming back in his black and silver healing suit is right, they want that healing mullet too.

But what if neither of those theories are true, what if...BOTH OF THEM ARE and regenerating Superman has to fight an evil clone when Lindsay Lohan had to fence her twin in The Parent Trap.

Buena Vista Pictures / Warner Bros.

Think about it: BOTH of those theories could be true, Darkseid could have a SuperClone on the way to Earth while Batman scrambles to figure out how to revive him. Also Superman could have just been taking a SuperNap (hence the floating dirt at the end of BvS) and might just show up at the beginning of Justice League, hankering for a SuperSandwich, or maybe all of this is just a tease and Superman will only be in a flashback, or an alternate timeline!!!

So there you have it. We got all of that from a super close-up of a suit.

The first look at the #JusticeLeague, straight from #SDCC2016 in Hall H.

Any theories I missed? Did I make a terrible mistake? Do you have a mullet? Please tell me all about it and more.