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    30 Things For People Who Really, Really Love Disney Villains

    It's basically the "feels so good to be bad" starter kit. πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘‘πŸŽπŸš

    1. A bath bomb so you can spend your evening chillin' like a villain in a perfectly brewed bath.

    2. An Ursula T-shirt to enchant the wardrobe of the poor unfortunate soul who somehow doesn't have one already.

    3. The Villains book series so fans who do believe they're all just misunderstood will finally get the confirmation their hearts have been searching for all this time. The series includes books that delve into the backstories of characters like Ursula, Evil Queen, the Beast, and more.

    4. A Maleficent mug for the witch in you who frequently wakes up on the thorny side of the bed in the morning and needs to sip her coffee immediately.

    5. A villain wine glass so you can sip vino and deliver your most sinister cackle.

    6. A ColourPop Misunderstood eyeshadow palette to create ~wicked~ cute looks inspired by Disney's baddest. It has 15 shades including the black matte shade that's appropriately named "101" and a shimmery gold shade named after the Hercules minions, Pain and Panic.

    7. A Learn to Draw Disney villains book so you can tap into your bad ~and~ creative side.

    8. Cruella-inspired high-shine lip gloss for a shimmery lip people will ~spot~ even from far, far away.

    9. A Betsey Johnson Evil Queen necklace to unabashedly let people know exactly what type of energy you're on from the jump.

    10. A Queen of Hearts mouse ears headband that'll definitely give you the license to scream "off with your head" whenever you're having a ~minnie~ meltdown.

    11. A Hocus Pocus-themed tumbler to satisfy anyone who knows the Sanderson Sisters' zest for trouble is relatable year-round.

    12. A Shadow Man enamel pin to attach to your jacket so everyone knows you've got a few tricks up your sleeve.

    13. A Cruella mini tote bag that's 1. A total ~mood~ and 2. A really cute color combo that'll spice up any look.

    14. A set of anodized studs inspired by Ursula, Maleficent, and the Evil Queen for a super fierce daily accessory.

    15. A Gaston T-shirt fit for the macho-est person in town.

    16. A Captain Hook iPhone case perfect for anyone dreaming of catching a pirate ship to Neverland right about now.

    17. A "wickedly awesome" tee featuring Cinderella's evil step-mom and step-sisters so you can channel their bad and bougie energy every time you wear it.

    18. A Mother Gothel poster that would honestly make a pretty amazing Mother's Day gift.

    19. A statement ring inspired by Jafar’s enchanted cobra staff β€” that'll signify to the rest of the world that you have "The power! The absolute power!"

    20. A hardcover journal dedicated to Disney's darkest, dopest forces so you can jot down your own evil plans of world domination...or... I mean... harmless notes.

    21. A throw pillow with a moody image from that one time Shan Yu tried to, like, take over all of China.

    22. A graphic tee to wear with your fave red lipstick and leather jacket so you'll feel like a total ~baddie~.

    23. A metallic Ursula Funko Pop!, because who needs to hang with those poor unfortunate souls when you've got the baddest sea witch in the game chillin' on your desk or shelf.

    24. A Hades patch that'll make any hat, jacket, or hoodie look ~fire~.

    25. A vibrant limited edition canvas sure to bring a bit of edge to your room decor.

    26. A Disney Villainous board game so you'll finally get to *become* one of your fave villains and try to meddle with the other villains' objectives. Muahahaha!

    27. A little crossbody bag perfect for carrying around poison apples and whatever else you'll need to execute your sinister plans for the day. 🍎

    28. An interchangeable charm necklace so you can choose which evil babe you feel like channeling from day to day.

    29. A Scar T-shirt to serve as a reminder to all that you're pretty much always the smartest person in the room, the Pride Lands, and beyond.

    30. Ursula-inspired ankle boots that she'd DEFINITELY step out in if she had legs and feet instead of tentacles.

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