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    40 Cool Etsy Stores Worth Bookmarking ASAP

    Food: ✅ Jewelry: ✅ Unbelievable coolness: Triple ✅🤪

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Skin Foodie specializes in products with raw organic ingredients meant to make your skin feel all yummy. And IDK, it just feels so great to see an ingredients list that isn't the length of a CVS receipt...?

    jars of scrubs
    Skin Foodie / Etsy

    This skincare brand is woman-owned and based in Dayton, Ohio! Products range from charcoal face soap to coffee scrubs — and they *all* come in chic, sleek packaging. I've got my sights set on the mojito body polish. My skin'll take ✌️, please, bartender!

    Price range: $6–$128

    Check out all of their pretty goods at Skin Foodie.

    2. Knapps Knots — home of the BuzzFeed reader-fave produce hammock — makes macramé and wood crafts that serve as pretty and practical home goods and decor.

    Knapps Knots / Etsy

    BuzzFeed readers have fallen in total love with that produce hammock, but the pumpkin hangers kinda stole my heart. I'm not that big on Halloween but I have grown to love fall and I love the idea of doing a lil' more with pumpkins than just sitting them on my porch.

    Price range: $8.50–$60

    Take a look-see at all of the wonderful macramé goodies at Knapps Knots.

    3. Designed in Neverland has beautifully handmade charm bracelets in soft pastel colors and (customizable!) messages.

    Designed In Neverland / Etsy

    This charming Black-owned accessories shop is based in Michigan. Everything, including the Peter Pan nod in the name, feels quite Disney-inspired, and you know we stan all the Disney vibes over this way. ✨

    Price range: $8–$28

    Check out all the pretty bracelets available at Designed in Neverland.

    4. Mind the Cork makes home and office containers made of — surprise! surprise! — eco-friendly and all-natural cork. You'll find planters, pencil holders, other storage vessels, and cardholders. Everything looks super sleek for a less-is-more style.

    two cylinder-style cork planters with succulent plants in them
    Mind The Cork / Etsy

    This London-based shop is Black-owned and woman-owned! Plus, everything's handmade! Peep this blurb from the brand on their love for using cork material:

    "Cork is a brilliant material. Its harvest doesn’t require the trees to be cut down so it helps maintain wildlife diversity and promotes reforestation. It is also biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable — I think that’s pretty fantastic!"

    Price range: $25.97–$69.26

    Browse more all-cork products at Mind the Cork.

    5. Felt Up by Amelia is your one-stop shop for oodles of floral bouquets made completely out of felt. No green thumb required for filling your place up with flowers.

    bouquet of colorful felt flowers in a clear jar-like vase
    Felt Up By Amelia / Etsy

    This is an Asian American–owned shop that specializes in a variety of felt art pieces including bouquets, banners, and garland. Every piece is one of one so if something in the shop steals your heart, I recommend you scoop it up extra quick. Peep this blurb from the brand:

    "All flowers and banners are made to order with love, coffee, and podcasts using high-quality wool-blend felt. They're perfect gifts for friends, nurseries, engagements, offices, and of course yourself. Add a little fun and sass to your walls and doors!" —Amelia, owner

    Price range: $5–$109

    See more felt designs from Felt Up by Amelia.

    6. Urban Melts Candle Co. aims to keep you supplied with candles featuring minimalist labels to match whatever your decor is and nose-alluring scents like Cashmere and Urban Rose.

    Urban Melts Candle Co. / Etsy

    This shop is based in Santa Maria, California. Aside from the candes, other clutch finds in this shop are the wick trimmers and candle snuffers.

    Price Range: $13–$60

    See all of the sweet-smelling candles and candle accessories on Urban Melts Candle Co.

    7. OR?! The Lobo Floral Market is prob your jam if you like the look of real flowers still. The shop dries and then arranges the loveliest bouquets so they last and last. 💐

    huge bouquet of dried florals in red and pink tones
    Lobo Floral Market / Etsy

    This lovely shop is based in Fallbrook, California, where they also do deliveries!

    Price range: $25–$200

    Check out all of their dried floral arrangements at Lobo Floral Market.

    8. The EQC Studios shop makes the coolest wall art designed in the shape of the card spaces from the Lotería game (similar to Bingo). And of course, the shop sells the actual game too — a pop culture edition!

    EQC Studios / Etsy

    EQC Studios is a Latinx-owned business founded by the owner and artist Ernesto Quiñonez Curiel. Check out Curiel's brand ahead:

    "As a first-generation immigrant born in Jalisco, Mexico, and raised in the San Gabriel Valley city of El Monte, Quiñonez Curiel’s work investigates cultural hybridity and reinterprets a mixture of Mexican and American pop culture, namely in the form of the Lotería, the traditional Mexican game of chance. As a young artist, Quiñonez Curiel drew on his surroundings for creative inspiration that included Mexican novelas, American TV, hip-hop, corridos, rancheras, Mexican food, graffiti art, comic books, and low riding magazines. In 'Lotería Pop,' the artist has chosen his most popular art pieces and put them in the format of the Lotería game with the intention to get more people to play, mingle, laugh, and have a good time with amigos and familia playing this new hybrid version of the Lotería game."

    Price range: $3–$25

    Check out all of the great pieces at EQC Studios.

    9. Project Qurls makes hair products that keep curls nice and juicy! The queer-owned haircare collection is handmade specifically for “types 2b-4c Curly Queers,” the brand states.

    Project Q Curls / Etsy

    The full collection includes Project Q Curl Cream, Spray & Qomb detangler, Qo-wash, and the Edge Qontrol Shine & Pomade. Oh baby, but there’s so much more than just an extremely satisfying wash day. Project Qurls raises 💰 for Project Q — an org that provides free services to LGBTQIA+ folks who are experiencing homelessness including free haircuts/styles (including color and wigs!), workshops/classes, clinics, clothing, and more!

    Price range: $18.75–$25

    Get the full collection at Project Qurls.

    10. Wanna go bigger?! Colossal Candles is for folks with a really (and I mean really) big obsession with lighting fragrant candles for ambiance.

    Colossal Candles / Etsy, Colossal Candles

    Oh yeah, you deserve to know: THEIR CANDLES ARE ABOUT 15 INCHES WIDE AND 6 INCHES TALL. Will you ever have to buy another candle again? Never say never but it's going to be a lonnnng while. Colossal Candles is a Black-owned business based in Georgia too, BTW.

    Price Range: $84.95–$98.95

    Get these colossal candles from (well duh! 🤪) Colossal Candles.

    11. Lily Ann Boutique holds your fur baby's newest ragging obsession — and heart-melting dog bandanas.

    Lily Ann Boutique / Etsy

    This small, family-owned business is based in Houston, and also carries awesome coffee cups for humans. The family also runs an Etsy shop with woodwork designs called Melbie Design Woodwork.

    Price Range: $7.99–$14.99

    See all of the adorable pet items (and some gifts for yourself) at Lily Ann Boutique.

    12. Marley's Monsters is an eco-friendly shop that makes reusable EVERYTHING for your household and personal care needs. Washable sponge? Check! Reusable linen napkins? Yup! Washable trashcan liners?! Yassss!

    Marley's Monsters / Etsy

    When I say reusable everything? Oh, I mean reusable EVERYTHANNNNNG! I'm extra into the idea of a reusable trash liner. Who woulda thunk? It's so cool learning about new ways to minimize waste, and if there's any shop that would teach that with their products, it's mos' def Marley's Monsters.

    Price range: $4–$86

    Check out more of reusable everything that'll help reduce waste on our planet at Marley's Monsters.

    13. Gratia Box Co. assembles the sweetest, most thoughtful gift boxes because why do you have to have all the ideas every time there's a giftable occasion when this shop does it for you?

    gift box open with mug, scrub, and tea
    Gratia Box Co / Etsy

    The Greensboro, North Carolina–based business puts together whatever you need to send out with love and zero running around on your part — including a hug in a box, some peace and calm from afar, a new mom care package, and more.

    Price range: $28–59

    Check out all their boxes at Gratia Box Co.

    14. InBooze has you covered on days when you want the fun — and deliciousness — of an expertly crafted drink minus the bar tab. Treat yourself to DIY kits for classics like margaritas and Moscow mules or unique cocktails like berry lavender lemonade. 😋

    InBooze / Etsy

    This Black-owned and woman-owned brand is based in Chicago, Illinois! For the spicy margarita: Just place the infusion bag in a container (like a mason jar) with tequila. Infuse for at least three days, then just take out the bag and make your drink! All the packets are handmade, filled with dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs — and each kit is enough to infuse 8 to 10 cocktails. Bottoms up, babies!

    Promising review: "This was fantastic! Quick shipping, too. I followed the steps completely and it tastes just like a Moscow mule. Great to know it was made with all fruits and spices. There was no mystery about what was in my cocktail! Highly recommend and will definitely be purchasing from this shop again." —Jay RA

    Price range: $2–$48

    Check out classic cocktails, other fun kits, and accessories at InBooze.

    15. The Happy Finding Store is full of gorgeous Pokéball terrariums with Pokémon so ridiculously cute, thank goodness you never, ever have to let 'em out for battle.

    the light-up Pokeball terrarium
    Happy Finding Store / Etsy

    It's a Hong Kong–based shop with a handful of different Pokémon-themed terrariums. If Charmander isn't your favorite, there's also Pikachu, Snorlax, Squirtle, and more. PS: If you order one with a light, it comes with a remote that allows you to set it to eight different brightnesses/modes.

    Promising review: "I love this so much!! It’s super cute and unique, and it came without any damage! The packaging is adorable but very protective and I love the extras it came with! My boyfriend is going to love this!!" —Sara

    Price range: $59.29–$65.88

    Check out more cool terrariums at Happy Finding Store.

    16. Tea Heritage creates the coolest lil' tea bags in different fun shapes and flavors!

    Tea Heritage / Etsy

    This France-based shop was founded by Elodie Fagot who handmakes the tea bags. All the great shapes are inspired by her childhood, world travels, and the latest trends.

    Price range: $8.50–$120

    Check out all of the darling products at Tea Heritage.

    17. Calicutts Spice Co. blends spices in small batches with freshly sourced ingredients, a detailed flavor profile, and suggestions on how to use them in every product description. Yup, it's time to go to Flavortown — no Guy Fieri needed.

    a variety of spices in jars styled on a table
    Callicuts Spice Co. / Etsy

    The good folks at Callicuts Spice Co. are self-described "spice artisans" based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. They obvs really care about us all experiencing food on another level. The shop has a great selection of flavors including Indian garam masala, Southwestern taco, autumn harvest, and so many other options — including sets!

    Price range: $6–$72

    Check out all of their mouthwatering spices at Callicuts Spice Co.

    18. Silk Suds Shop creates cold press artisan soaps that are soooo doggone pretty they look like desserts! (But listen, cleaning your body is their only point so please don't eat them.)

    Silk Suds Shop / Etsy

    This shop is based in Riverdale, Georgia, and every bar is "made, cut, planed, beveled, individually labeled, and packaged" by the owner!

    Price range: $2–$75

    Check out the rest of the handmade soaps and lotions at Silk Suds Shop.

    19. Grrrl Spells casts ~spells~ (OK, not really) that inspire you to snag all the spoopy queer art your heart and wallet can handle. And yes, the picture below is def an iron-on patch with a bat sucking blood-looking boba tea from a straw. Gets no spoopier!

    the clothing pat with the bat holding the cup with its wings
    Grrrl Spells / Etsy

    The shop makes these creepy-cute designs in Toronto, Canada!

    Price range: $2.08–$24.98

    Check out all of their spectacular pieces at Grrrl Spells.

    20. Fanesha Fabre Art creates handmade pins, stickers, tote bags, and home goods — and all of it celebrates what it's like to live in New York City as a Latina.

    Fanesha Fabre Art

    This shop is Dominican-owned and woman-owned! You'll find stuff that includes OG New Yorkers like Biggie Smalls, Basquiat, and Big Pun (Uptown, baby!😘) AND images of other cool artifacts like hanging sneakers, bodega cats, and more. My fave is the illustrated puzzle called Ramona Lisa (shown above). Sis has baby hairs just baby hair-ing and nameplate bamboo earrings WITH the matching gold necklace. Believe it when I tell you the orig Mona Lisa could most definitely NEVER! 😍

    Price range: $1–$135

    Check out all of the cool illustrated items at Fanesha Fabre Art.

    21. Mr. Water New York is the boutique for you if you're like me a know the importance of having a good dress (or 10!). You literally can't go wrong, right? 👗😍

    model wearing an A-line flared midi-dress with short puffy sleeves and stripes the color of pastel colors and bright colors
    Mr. Water New York / Etsy

    The shop (if you couldn't tell by the name 🤪) is based in New York and proudly woman-owned and Asian American–owned. Also, Mr. Water New York recommends that you size up if you're in-between sizes to get the best fit.

    Promising review: "Absolutely gorgeous dress!! Came exactly as pictured, and better than anything I’ve bought at a big-box retailer in years. Considering how voluminous and dramatic the piece is, it’s about as lightweight as you could ask for a lined semiformal dress. I usually wear a 10 or 12, but I went with a 12 out of caution and it fits like a glove." —Angelina Meehan

    Price range: $10–$300

    Shop more beautiful dresses for your wardrobe at Mr. Water New York.

    22. Chemo Cozy makes jackets for people in chemotherapy! The jackets have special zipper openings placed specifically to allow universal access to ports, PICC lines, or forearms by clinical staff without having to disrobe in a cold office.

    ChemoCozy / Etsy

    Chemo Cozy is a family-owned business based in Pennsylvania and was founded by Ellen and Greg Hamilton after Greg's experience with chemotherapy. Greg has since passed on, and may he rest well. Here's a blurb from the brand here:

    "Greg was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. His treatment included both radical surgeries and very extensive chemotherapy. Based on Greg’s experience, he and his wife, Ellen, realized there was a need for more accessible and comfortable clothing specifically designed to provide patients a better experience during their treatments. During chemo, nurses repeatedly need to access the patient’s port, pic-line, or forearm, often requiring the person to practically disrobe in order to gain access to the infusion site. Not only was this humiliating, it also added to the pre-existing anxiety related to battling cancer. Greg and Ellen searched for clothing that could help improve his treatment experience but found nothing that was both practical and comfortable. After months of research, they decided to create their own solution and began designing the jackets that are now the signature product for Chemo Cozy. Sadly, Greg passed away in 2015. His vision and mission live on through each infusion patient who has a better experience because of the fleece he and Ellen designed."

    Promising review: "Bought this for a family member dealing with chemo. I wasn't sure about their size but Ellen was very helpful. The jacket actually fit and is much appreciated! Highly recommend this. There aren't a lot of items out there geared toward men going through chemo. So glad I found this!" —Susan

    Price: All jackets are $69.99!

    Peep the jackets for kids and adults and in different colors at Chemo Cozy.

    23. Hannah Simon Art is all about art that's full of color, self-expression, and inspiring people to show up exactly as they are no matter what. Treat yourself (and your home!) to vibrant original paintings, coloring sheets, stickers, and more from this shop.

    Hannah Simon Art / Etsy

    The shop is run by Hannah Simon, a talented queer artist based in Pennsylvania. Peep this blurb that Simon shared with BuzzFeed:

    “I am an artist, mother, and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Most of my art is inspired by nature and color while reflecting self-love, the act of taking up space, and being the most authentic versions of ourselves."

    Price range: $1–$200

    Check out all of the bright art at Hannah Simon Art.

    24. The Vintage Royalty shop gets you right on the accessory front, especially if you have a thing for dangly earrings that introduce themselves before you do. Prepare to be ~all ears~ for the many compliments you'll get on these pretty pieces.

    Vintage Royalty / Etsy

    This cool Etsy shop is Black-owned and based in Chicago, Illinois. 💕

    Promising review: "I can’t even believe how gorgeous these are! The pictures don’t begin to capture just how beautiful these are. They’re high quality, chic, and the perfect amount of funky. The perfect lightweight, I can (and do!) easily wear them all day. Already have gotten lots of compliments, thank you!!" —Regina

    Price range: $28–$52

    Check out more of the stunning, stylish accessories at Vintage Royalty.

    25. Tal + Bert is a home goods shop — founded by husband and wife team Ray and Val Talbert — brimming with gorgeous plants, cement geode planters, tealight holders, and more to give your space a unique, pretty touch.


    This beautiful, Black-owned small business is based in Pittsburgh. The Talberts started the company in their home studio and have now moved into a storefront!

    Price range: $5.50–$92

    Check out more stunning home goods at Tal & Bert.

    26. With the Grain Weddings creates custom wedding items so you have memorable favors, bridal party gifts, and more personalized things that folks will actually factually use after the wedding. 😘

    With The Grain / Etsy

    This shop is owned and operated by married couple Nathan and Pam Ridgely and their adorable twin babies in southwest Ohio. Peep this sweet blurb from Nathan Ridgely ahead:

    "We hope you will let us be a part of your special day. And please let us know if you have any ideas that we don't offer yet (we LOVE custom work!). Congratulations on your engagement. We hope to hear from you soon!"

    Price range: $2.25–$399

    Explore cool customized bottle openers, cork tops, and way more at With the Grain Weddings.

    27. Painted Parade is a party decor store for folks — kids or adults, welcome! — with a more-is-more kinda aesthetic. Want colorful favors? A golden triceratops in a polka-dotted mint sweater as a cake topper, maybe? Mmhmm. This shop's here to help your imagination really RAWR. 🥳🦕💕

    Painted Parade

    The shop is owned by Alyson Callison and based in Littleton, Colorado. Callison started out throwing excellent parties for her daughter and, boom, now she shares her expertise with all of us. You'll find colorful animals in their designs for cake toppers, temporary tattoos, necklaces, gift tags, fabric, paper dolls, greeting cards, PARTY PODIUMS (imagination pushing, remember?), and more! Every item in the shop is made with Callison's whimsy illustrations of actual, factual party animals.

    Promising review: "The dinosaurs are perfect for my daughter's dinosaur-themed birthday party and add a touch of whimsy and fun." —David DeJongh

    Price range: $1.15–$128

    Check out all of their products at Painted Parade.

    28. Southern Jams and Jelly serves up the most unique (and can't forget to say YUMMY) party favors ever. You have your pick between jam, honey, and hot chocolate favors so there's something for whatever your gifting ~tastes~ are.

    Southern Jams and Jelly / Etsy

    Southern Jams and Jelly is based in Georgia and run by Michelle "Miss Shelley" Donoho, who makes the jam. Her husband, Michael Donoho, ships out the orders to make sure they get to you safe, sound, and in good time. All orders are shipped to arrive between one to three weeks ahead of your big day, so be sure to order accordingly — and I hope your wedding is a jammin' good time.

    Price range: $3.75–$850

    Check out more delectable goodies from Southern Jams and Jelly. 😋🍓

    29. Pastry Made — for bakers (newbies and experts alike, OK?) who pride themselves on making things that taste and look beautiful. Your new rolling pin for floral print cookies is waiting, love. 😌

    Pastry Made / Etsy

    This shop is based in Warsaw, Poland, and guessssss what?!! The shop also makes themed rolling pins for folks who love dinosaurs (shown above), Star Wars, anime, and more.

    Price range: $7.95–$24.95

    Check out all of their imaginative rolling pins at Pastry Made.

    30. Live for a good theme? Girly Gifts is your new go-to shop for themed balloons and sets to help you ~blow~ your last party outta the water with your next one.

    Girly Gifts

    This Pleasanton, California–based small business has 20 different categories of themes you can choose, and ALL of the balloon designs are so beautiful, you'll wish you could leave 'em up in your home forever. Wanna take your guests on a safari? Or on an ocean adventure? Have at it because this shop has that and more!

    Price range: $0.75–$53

    Check out all of their products at Girly Gifts.

    31. Allison Brights features a fantastic collection of string lights and fixtures to add an extra-special touch to your home decor OR brighten your next party.

    Allison Brights

    Plug in the pumpkins or ghosts string set if you're obsessed with Halloween or pink cherry blossoms to bring florals you don't have to water into your home decor. OR? Give your garden an illuminated fairy to watch over it.

    Price range: $13.99–$54

    Check out all of their products at Allison Brights.

    32. Sweetniks sweetens up any party with confections that also serve as event favors and decor. Are we talking gorgeous floral lollipops? Yes. Are we also talking edible crystal necklaces and ring pops? Absolutely! 🍭💎


    Take your pick from handcrafted nougat, marshmallows, caramels, lollipops, and way more from the small, New York–based confectionary shop. Also, there may or may not be a WHOLE a lollipop cake topper that looks like an Oscar. 👀

    Price range: $7–$51

    Check out all of their products at Sweetniks.

    33. Happy Little Folks makes the prettiest sustainable wooden toys your favorite kiddo ever did see!

    Happy Little Folks / Etsy

    This cute shop is based in London! The toys are made of nontoxic wood and hand-painted with toy-safe paint. Also, there's an ADORABLE wooden tea set?! You're going to have a blast fake-drinking tea from with the kid you love so much you'd actually fake-drink tea for.

    Price range: $36.39–$51.34

    Check out all their cute toys at Happy Little Folks.

    34. Hereafter laser cuts thoughtful wooden gifts like notebooks (yeah, wooden notebooks?!), plant markers, and more keepsakes you can customize with your desired messaging.

    Hereafter / Etsy

    I couldn't help but crack a smile at the "I wet my plants" plant marker from this Los Angeles, California–based shop.

    Price range: $5–$275

    Check out all of the incredibly beautiful creations at Hereafter.

    35. Lovely Earthlings offers vibrant art prints and cards that nod to life's everyday blessings and activities like chilling at home with your plant babies or hanging with friends.

    Lovely Earthlings / Etsy

    This Black- and woman-owned brand is based in Louisville, Kentucky!

    Price range: $6–$67.69

    Check out all of the illustrations at Lovely Earthlings.

    36. Shop Candice Luter creates home decor with fringe and macramé because why only go with wall prints when you can dress your space up with texture, too?!

    Candice Luter Art + Home / Etsy

    It's by a brand based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

    Promising review (for the mirror): "The mirror is so beautiful, even more so in real life. Candice doesn't compromise on materials and quality. The fringe is nice and thick, the length is very proportional, and the color of the fringe is simply delightful. I ordered this with a natural finish and it almost has a dull, rustic gold-like quality to it, in the sunlight. What a beautiful mirror; it's truly a work of art." —Andrea Joseph

    Price range: $231.50–$800

    Check all of the macrame styles (mirrored and otherwise) from Shop Candice Luter.

    37. Kaleidadope makes sure you have the perfect cards for literally every occasion, mood, and relationship — whether we're talking greeting cards or the VERY cool game board–inspired tarot cards the shop has.

    Kaleidadope / Etsy

    This unique Etsy shop is a Black-owned brand based in Washington, DC!

    Price range: $5.50–$47

    Check out the super-creative and beautifully designed cards at Kaleidadope.

    38. Eucalyptus Blooms is a dream place for folks who live to relax and decompress. The shop is filled with eucalyptus bath goods, natural bouquets, and everything else for beautifying your home, upgrading your bathing experience, and more.

    Eucalyptus Blooms / Etsy

    This shop is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was founded by owner Nicole, who's committed to making sure we get farm-fresh eucalyptus shipped directly to our doors.

    Price range: $8.50–$180

    Check out all of their products at Eucalyptus Blooms.

    39. Aleishla is a jewelry shop with simple yet eye-catching pieces that upgrade any look.


    Jewelry artist Aleishla Lopez makes all of the pieces by hand in her Puerto Rico–based shop that features lots of high-end fine jewelry as well as beautiful pieces at a lower price point. I'm partial to the mother-of-pearl brass dangling earrings. They truly look like they were made for a goddess and I need them in my liffffffe.😭

    Price range: $36–$1,255

    Check out all of their products at Aleishla.

    40. Bushel & Pecks sells delicious preserved foods that make you sing, "I love you a bushel and a peck. You bet your pretty neck I dooooooo," as you taste those savory flavors from foods primarily grown on the brand's Wisconsin farm. 😋

    Bushel & Pecks

    This Beloit, Wisconsin–based shop has jars of hand-selected pickles, jams, preserves, sauces, relishes, soups, and beverages. And everything is locally sourced!

    Price range: $18–$275

    Check out all of their products at Bushel & Pecks.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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