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    24 Cool Home Decor Things On Etsy If You’re A "Good Vibes Only” Kinda Person

    Every day won't be perfect but let's try to set the vibes in the crib anyway. 😏

    1. A colorful yin yang candle that's literally so friggin' cute and a perf way to visually symbolize all the peace, harmony, and synergy you want in your home.

    the candles in orange, brown, white, pink, yellow, purple, green, and blue

    2. A beautiful suncatcher that'll bring the colorful magic of Disney through your window every time the sun shines.

    3. A super heartwarming piece of Winnie The Pooh wall art to remind you just how special every single day is.

    the print, which shows Pooh and Piglet walking in the woods

    4. Adorable planters if your happy place is and will forever be wherever your stunning, green babies are.

    5. Wall decals to bring literal sunshine into a bedroom, 24/7.

    a bed with a wooden frame, gold yellow pillows, a yellow throw across the end, and a white blanket on top with a white wall behind it and the sunshine decals all over the wall behind it kind of like large polka dots
    KennaSatoDesigns / Etsy

    They're from a very cool small business called Kenna Sato Designs run by the founder and graphic artist, McKenna Sato! The shop features a ton of really great wall decal options perfect for decorating your space with the feel-goods — including a half-sun version of these decals, rainbows, and golden palm trees.

    Get a set of 12 from Kenna Sato Designs on Etsy for $38.99.

    6. A bundle of fresh eucalyptus to give your bathroom some greenery and an elegant spa-feel plus fill the space up with eucalyptus-scented steam for a lil' aromatherapy.

    A bundle of the fresh eucalyptus hanging in a shower

    7. Inhale-exhale wall art that'll remind you to sit back, relax, and friggin' BREATHE. You got this boo!

    a white wall art print in a black frame. The print says "inhale exhale" with a horizontal line in between both words. Yes baby. Minimalist wall art for the win.

    8. A wildly appropriate doormat because house vibes shall be regulated before folks even step across your threshold — starting with a QTNA, stat.

    a mat that says "Okay but did you call first? And did we answer?"

    9. A beautiful pillow with animations for you yogis who love your practice and how good it makes you feel. Now, you'll enjoy how good it makes your home look too.

    a bright yellow pillow with an animated yogi in different poses. The yogi has a big curly afro and is wearing different green fitness clothes in the photos

    10. A relax sign you could put up in your favorite room to de-stress (and high-key get away from other humans). Perfect reminder for your lil' sanctuary.

    the word relax in lowercase cursive on a wall over a bathtub

    11. Mini bathtubs for your countertop storage decor with a reminder about exactly what your bathroom experience should give. You could fill it with bar soaps, potpourri, or whatever else will contribute to your (hopefully uninterrupted) chillaxing sesh.

    three mini ceramic bathtubs the size of small baskets. They respectively say "unwind, soak, and relax"

    12. A "you're beautiful" mirror decal because of course, you'll need a simple yet pretty reminder of one great universal truth.

    a mirror in the bathroom with the words "you're beautuful" on it thanks to the decal

    13. pretty cat tree to give your kitty some flower power to perch on. Better to satisfy the one in the house whose mood will ultimately always set the vibe, right? (C'mon. You know your cat's the boss.)

    a cat wearing a floral bandana on its neck and standing on the floral cat tree which is shaped like a pink daisy
    KBS Pets / Etsy

    This stunning cat tree was designed by KBS Pets — a pets brand in Los Angeles, California that handmakes them with real tree branches. They're meant to bring a modern decor look to your space.

    Promising review: "This cat floral tree is not only pretty, but it is very easy to put together. Very sturdy! My Misty thinks the flower petals are the perfect place to nap. Love it!" —Helen Smith

    Get it from KBS Pets on Etsy for $161.99.

    14. A window hummingbird feeder that'll treat you to the sight of gorgeous lil' birdies flying up freakishly close to you at random moments during the day. What surprise from nature could be more pleasant than that?

    a small copper hummingbird feeder that looks like a curved wire suctioned to a window. The wire is holding two glass vials and has a hummingbird flying up to one to feed from it.
    Sweet Feeders / Etsy

    This cool creation was made by the Sweet Feeders brand — a small family-owned business based in Fort Worth, Texas. And clearly this family understands the beauty of hummingbirds and making sure they have a (very cool!) place to eat. Peep this blurb from the brand ahead:

    "Caleb and Ryan are brothers, and have worked together before in various capacities. Sweet Feeders, however, gave the opportunity for us to work together as a family full-time; a dream come true! The team is growing, but we love our tight-knit crew. We still operate out of a converted garage shop in Caleb's backyard, and share lunch around the kitchen table or shop benches. On work days when we finish orders early, you'll often find the team throwing a frisbee or playing yard games a step outside of the shop. We love spending time outdoors, and enjoy our own hummingbird visitors every spring and summer in Texas!" 

    Promising review: "Wow I don’t usually leave reviews but this is amazing! It’s well made, exactly what I expected from the photos and it works, I had hummingbirds feeding from it the next day. It makes me so happy watching them right outside of my sliding glass door. I’m definitely going to be getting a few more as gifts for others!" —Tessa Bennett

    Get it from Sweet Feeders on Etsy for $29.99.

    15. A personalized song plaque to remind you of all the good feels attached to your favorite tunes and memories.

    hand holding a music plaque which is clear and has the song
    Pix Arts Co / Etsy

    It's made by Pix Arts Co  — a small business based in Los Angeles that specializes in creating things that help turn your favorite pictures into beautiful home decor. 

    Get it from Pix Arts Co on Etsy for $12.40+ (available in six sizes and in two shipping options).

    16. A smiley face planter to represent all the happiness you get from seeing your plant kids thrive. 

    a planter with a smiley face, hands, and legs
    Ceramic Sense / Etsy

    This cutie is from a small woman-owned shop based in Ontario, Canada called Ceramic Sense the makes (duh!) ceramics — but the smiley good-timey kind, of course. 

    Get it from Ceramic Sense for $79+.

    17. A Super Happy Pot literally created to bring a bucket o' fun to your space. You could use it as a catchall pot, a planter, or for any other specific organization needs you have.

    the pot that with beige cotton rope and colorful pom-poms
    owner holding two colorful puts in their hand and one on their head
    Funderlying Details / Etsy

    The pots/baskets are made with cotton rope and colorful wool embellishments by creator April Funstrom for her shop, Funderlying Details. Funstrom started making her colorful pots during the pandemic as a creative outlet and has chosen to share the, well, FUN! She makes 'em and her husband ships 'em out! Peep this blurb from Funstrom ahead:

    "One thing that I really love about these fun Spheres of Awesomeness is their ability to bring a spark of joy into any room. My inspiration was to use these for a small craft project but I fell in love with their texture and how they remind me of childhood, digging your hands in a fresh pile of crayons, or a clump of sequins; it's just fun. I’m obsessed with felt as a medium and I hope you all are able to find as much enjoyment from them as I have!" —April Funstrom

    Get it from Funderlying Details on Etsy for $28.95.

    18. A wooden rainbow fixture made especially to celebrate and decorate the nurseries of precious rainbow babies. 🙂🌈

    19. Colorful coasters that'll boast the likeness of your favorite feminist icons and words from them to get you feeling fired up and inspired.

    four coasters with the illustrated likeness of ruth bader ginsberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, and Michelle Obama
    getARCHd / Etsy

    You'll have the option to pick four of the following icons: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Stacey Abrams. Always guess what?!! The shop, Get Arched, that creates these ALSO MAKES WOODEN BOOKENDS IN THESE SAME STYLES. Get into it, baby! 

    The Get Arched shop is a small business founded by two sisters, Kristen and Lindsey Archer, who make handmade books and other cool goods meant to empower women. I may or may not have decided to elope with everything in their entire store. And before you call me strange, yes, it was DEFINITELY love at first sight and I am no longer responsible for my wallet's actions.

    Promising review: "Words can not express how much I love my coasters! 10/10 would recommend. Will definitely be purchasing more in the near future!" —Taylor

    Get a set of your fantastic four from Get Arched on Etsy for $38+ (available in 10 icon selections and with a gift wrapping).