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    32 Things On Etsy That Readers Really Love To Love

    Catnip-infused toys, hoodie hangers, and more to steal your 💝 for ransom.

    1. A handmade plastic bag organizer to keep your bags separated and easy to grab when you need 'em. Spoiler alert: This is the thing your friends'll want the link to once they discover it in your house.

    Sandwich bag organizer placed on counter

    2. A Baby Yoda toothpaste topper to make an ordinary hygiene process a whole lot cuter. May the Force be with your teeth, gums, and tongue! OH. And it'll glow in the dark which will forever be cool, no?

    3. A tie-dye dress to serve up a first-night-on-vacay look whether you're home chilling or actually factually on vacay. I want #2 for you, btw. And take me. 😭

    one of the shop owners wearing the long black and cream tie-dyedress which has a slit on the side and a deep plunging v-neckline

    4. Animal Crossing cookie cutters to combine your affinity for desserts and fully paying off your debts for those house upgrades. And be clear, you do deserve both my love.

    5. Toilet bowl bombs to keep your porcelain throne sparkling clean in an eco-friendly way.

    the white toilet bombs shaped like balls beside the bag

    6. An air fryer cheat sheet cooking times guide because oh yes, you will FINALLY perfect the art to reheated french fries that are actually EDIBLE? It truly is a new day. 🍟

    7. A rainbow dress because yup, you def deserve to wear an outfit that shines as brightly as your personality.

    model wearing an A-line flared midi-dress with short puffy sleeves and stripes the color of pastel colors and bright colors

    8. An apron linen dress that honestly has no right to be this effortlessly beautiful. People will ask how in the WORLD you found this beauty and please, make my day and brag on me a lil'.

    9. Tropical summer nail wraps to give you yet another reason to talk with your hands as much as possible because, yes, everyone should behold the beauty of your stunning fingertips. 😍

    model's hand showin three blue nails, two of the blue nails have flower decals on top while one is solid blue, and the pinky nail is one pink flower

    10. Hangover kits complete with everything you'll need after a having a boozy good time with your squad whether you'll throwing back shots for a bachelorette party or celebrating a milestone birthday. Bottoms up at night. Kits out in the a.m.!

    11. Light saber freeze pop holders so the Force will prevent your fingers from freezing whenever your enjoy those cold, sweet treats.

    the straight, colorful freeze pops slipped inside the freeze pop holders amde of felt with a graphic on the front that makes the holders look like the handle of the lightsaber

    12. A quick-install fruit and veggie hammock to let your fruit stylishly ~hang out~ in the kitchen while saving on valuable counter space.

    13. A hanging car diffuser to give your vehicle the smell of a really fun Beach Day or a Desert Flower — ya know, in place of the your car-ride-adoring pup or all the corn chips your kids like to spill all about.

    hand touching the car diffuser which is a small clear bottle filled with oil hanging from the rearview mirror

    14. Hoodie hangerssssss! They'll clip onto your closet rod, hang your hoodie with pride and respect, AND prevent those weird bumps that the wider hangers always put into the shoulders.

    15. Wool dryer balls to put an end to repeat purchases of fabric softener and dryer sheets. These babies will absorb static, soften your fabrics, and separate the garments mid-cycle to let heat circulate better and decrease drying time.

    dryer balls with colorful stripes all over them

    16. A stylish DIY tabletop fireplace – it might make you wanna host fireside chats with the fam every evening this summer — especially since those glass panels can be removed for s'more-roasting.

    17. Catnip-infused felted balls that just might have your favorite feline — yup, even if they're picky, per reviewers — bouncing with joy for hours.

    seven balls in the colors of the rainbow

    18. A portable canvas cupholder so you'll finally have the answer to the latte-balancing-while-opening-a-door dilemma. Your coffee break buddy'll def want in, btw.

    19. And! A washable sponge so you can stop feeling icky about using the traditional ones knowing deeeep down in your soul that they're never *truly* clean after first use. 😬🙈

    the sponge sitting in a catchall dish by a sink

    20. Organic linen spray so you can snuggle into sheets that smell like freshly washed linens if you haven't had time to do actual laundry this week 😬. A few spritzes will buy your nose a lil' extra time. 😏

    the bottle of spray

    21. A You're on Mute mug to pay tribute to this universal truth: It ain't a professional video call if you don't forget to unmute yourself before talking at least once.

    a mug that says "You're on mute" with a red microphone sign that's crossed out like it is on video calls when a microphone is, well you get it, muted

    22. Or! This special mug sure to suit your type A personality–having self. (Adding it to the spreadsheet of great gifts to give to others and yourself this instant, huh? Oh, just get it already! 🤣)

    Mug that says "Ooh... This calls for a spreadsheet"

    23. A faucet splash catcher because finally having a solution for the puddle of water that gathers behind that dang sink will be the slice of peace you surely deserve.

    a flat rectangular cloth with a small cutout hole that fits around the sink faucet

    24. Shower steamers to fill your entire bathroom up with the soothing scent of eucalyptus. You won't know if you're still standing in your tiny apartment shower or if you've been transported to a luxury spa.

    a packet of the shower steamers which are pastle green and shaped like flowers

    25. A hummingbird feeder so all the gorgeous lil' birdies will know your place is the hangout spot this year.

    the cooper feeder which is shaped like a cup attached to a stand with a humming bird perched on its lid

    26. Huarache sandals handmade in Mexico that'll have folks asking where you got 'em with every step you take. Take it all in (stylish) stride, babe.

    the ankle-strap woven shoes with black and white diamond pattern on the top

    27. An all-natural oven scrub made with pumice stone, so you can give your stove the ultimate makeover inside and out.

    the jar of scrub

    28. A bacon sponge that'll absorb excess grease after you've fried your strips to perfection. No more napkin pat-downs OR lines of grease trailing down your chin when you indulge.

    Pile of bacon sitting on the quilted cloth

    29. A T-shirt roll holder to keep tops organized annnnd show off your collection of very cool graphic tees. Get this to let the good times (and tees) roll!

    My closet door closed with several shirts hanging from a hook at the top of the door. The shirts are attached by rolling them up and putting them through stretchy loops.

    30. A bundle of fresh eucalyptus to give your bathroom some greenery and an elegant spa-feel plus fill the space up with eucalyptus-scented steam for a lil' aromatherapy.

    A bundle of the fresh eucalyptus hanging in a shower

    31. A super heartwarming piece of Winnie The Pooh wall art to remind you to cherish good friendships and really, every single day.

    the print, which shows Pooh and Piglet walking in the woods