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"Halloweentown" Star Kimberly J. Brown Tried On Her Old Costume To See If It Still Fits

Is it even October without a Kimberly J. Brown cameo?

This year more than ever — when our very perception of time has warped beyond comprehension — we could really use an extra reminder that Halloween is upon us. Thankfully, Kimberly J. Brown, the star of Halloweentown, has us covered.

The actor, who played Marnie in the beloved Disney movie, is officially ushering in the season, and who else better to do it?

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Kimberly recently joined TikTok, and her latest post is a very seasonal one. The actor dusted off her Halloweentown II costume, bringing joy to all of her fans.


When you haven’t worn makeup in a while and suddenly passing by the mirror gives you a new sense of hope...

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"Just wanted to see if it still fits...😏," she wrote, adding the hashtag "witchtok."

In one of her first posts on TikTok, Kimberly talked about keeping props from the movies.

It's been 22 years since Halloweentown was released, but time has seemingly stood still for Kimberly.

If you want another reason to stan the Halloweentown star, she happens to run an Etsy store that sells merch inspired by the movie.