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The Star Of "Halloweentown" Can Take All Of My Money For Her Halloween-Themed Etsy Store

She's honestly the queen of Halloween.

If there is one human being who embodies Halloween β€” more than costume diehard Heidi Klum and more than the Kardashians combined β€” it's Kimberly J. Brown.

Even though Halloweentown premiered 21 (!!!) years ago β€” god, that makes me feel old β€” the film's star is still living every day like it's Halloween.

In fact, not only is she dating her costar from the film's sequel, which is kind of magical, but she also has a store that specializes in Halloweentown merch.

And it's really something.

The store sells all kinds of Halloweentown-inspired things, from mugs and painted signs to clothes β€” and a lot of it is printed with quotes from the film.

But the quote that appears the most has to be the one that's Kimberly's real-life favorite: "Being normal is vastly overrated."

Last year, Kimberly told BuzzFeed why she loves the quote so much, saying, "I think that idea of trying to be normal and to fit into a mold is overrated because the world is a such a better, more unique place when people are living their truth and being happy."

When you're getting into the Halloween spirit this year, you now know where to shop.


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