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    Just 32 Random Products We Really Love

    A sweater stone, scalp scrubber, spice grinder, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping & Products team) truly adore.

    1. A set of three mini barrettes — Millennials? These cutie clips are sure to teach our cowlicks that we're ~middle part~ people now!

    model wearing three wavy barettes

    2. A jar of CeraVe moisturizing cream that'll make your skin so soft and smooth your baby's gonna be jealous.

    buzzfeed writer holding the large tub of moisturizer

    3. A Gobble meal subscription, a spiffy service that'll send you pre-prepped ingredients (I'm talking cut, measured, diced, and sliced), so you'll be able to make a real meal...even if your measuring cups are basically just decor at this point.

    4. A sweater stone, because old clothes can become quite a ~pill~ when they're worn every, um, single day. One swipe with this clever tool and you can see why people think this stone rocks.

    5. A UV phone sanitizer for folks who realize it's probably cleaner to stick your hand straight in the toilet than hold onto an un-sanitized cellphone.

    6. A pair of vegan socks with some dang darling polar bear pals. If you love these animals, you're gonna *love* this accessory — every purchase of these socks goes toward saving the arctic!

    natalie wearing the navy socks with a polar bear print

    7. A folding exercise bike sure to help you put the pedal to the metal when work piles up so high you feel like there's no time to exercise. Multitasksers, meet your new favorite piece of furniture.

    8. A lengthening mascara from Glossier that'll make your lashes so long and lush you'll consider this mascara wand a magic wand. Bippity, boppity, BOOP! Your lashes look fantastic.

    9. A graphic tee for wanderlust souls who are ready to spend 2021 exploring the world away from their sofa.

    model wearing white shirt that says "anywhere but here and somewhere with beer" and has a picture of a frog smoking and relaxing on a motorcycle

    10. A scalp scrubber to take your scalp care to the next level. If you feel like your hair has no oomph or volume, or if you notice an oily, itchy scalp when the seasons change, giving your noggin' some stimulating exfoliation might make all the difference!

    11. A large sauté pan with enough space to cook dinner for your growing family. If one pan recipes rarely take into account all the hungry mouths you're feeding (our your boo's impressive appetite)...this pan is here to help you out!

    360 cookware saute pan with chicken dish inside

    12. A frosting blush that'll add the perfect smidgen of shimmer to your lewk. Lip gloss and glitter are back, baby! It's our time to shine!

    13. A velvet hide backpack that's really and truly gonna last you a lifetime. Go ahead, treat yourself to this investment accessory. Finding a timeless bag is officially a weight off your shoulders.

    14. A vegan lipgloss sure to instantly enhance your powerhouse pucker.

    buzzfeed editor holding and wearing the light pink gloss

    15. A hot sauce trio for spicing up date night even when you're staying indoors. Binging Netflix is still the ~hot~ thing to do these days — fine by me!

    16. A cashmere scarf you can wrap around your neck in dramatic, movie star, fashion whenever you feel a tiny chill in the air. Fortunately, it can also keep you warm as toast when there's a real storm a-brewing.

    17. A mask chain that'll really and truly make wearing your mask more convenient. Wrap this around your neck and you'll realize why people think this clever detail is the ~bead's knees~.

    the black and gold mask chain attached to a black non-medical mask

    18. A cord cover sure to keep your minimalist living room vibes from being taken over by all those HDMI guys.

    19. A sensational silk eye mask for folks who know a good night's sleep is something worth investing in.

    Writer's image of the pink marble sleep mask

    20. A beechwood mug rack – it's gonna be a major upgrade if exposed storage is your kinda thing. Your mug collection deserves to be seen, people!

    21. A pair of Betsey Johnson earrings with some truly glam flowers you'll wanna show off botanic-all over the place.

    The earrings with a large iridescent stone surrounded by white flowers and colorful rhinestones on the top half

    22. A weekly planner so you can keep your busy schedule neat and orderly. Pet cat, make bed, stare into space, take nap...the list goes on and on!

    23. A bag of fair trade coffee in a delectable blend you didn't even know you've ~bean~ looking for. Believe me, you'll be espres-so glad you have this in your life!

    A bag of Mexican Reserve Dark Roast coffee beans next to a mug filled with coffee

    24. A sonic toothbrush sure to give you the sparklin' chompers you've been dreaming of since you first saw Chip Skylark on Fairly Odd Parents.

    25. A mask freshening spray — this'll give you something to smell other than your own breath when you're breathing through your mask. Please and thank you.

    spray bottle with a green label stood next to a pile of facemasks

    26. A cream eyeshadow stick you can apply with ease, even if you haven't worn makeup in...let's see...365 days.

    27. A six-piece Everplush towel set so soft you just might decide clothing is optional. Towels are a great substitute, turns out.

    a folded set of grey blue everplush diamond jacquard towels on a wooden cabinet

    28. A spice grinder for finely grinding salt and pepper into the *chef's kiss* perfect texture with the simple press of a button. I love when the future meets food.

    29. And a minimalist knife set that'll make your prep work skills a ~cut~ above the rest...literally.

    30. A microfiber spin mop to make this dreaded chore Honestly! Plus, it's small footprint makes it easy to store even in the tiniest apartments.

    31. A pair of retro sunglasses for fashion-forward folks are ready for their time in the sun.

    32. A pair of snow boots, because that darn groundhog told us winter is still kickin' so you might as well enjoy the cold with these nifty kicks!

    When I realize I've thrown all of these into my shopping cart:

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