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36 Gifts That'll Help Save People From Themselves

These fit into that perfect Venn diagram of "things they need" *and* "things they want."

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

1. A screaming goat figurine that'll help them release all that stress building up inside. Just press the button on the stump he stands on to hear those bleats that can't be beat.

The figuring, plus the box and booklet

2. A set of packing cubes to keep your favorite travel-enthusiast from shelling out cash on checking a bag when they can't quit their over-packing ways. These (and the tons of clothes compressed inside) fit right in a carry-on!

3. The Big Activity Book for Anxious People, a funny and relatable activity book for anyone who wants to take a quick break from their day and have a little chuckle about their worries — and remember they're not alone!

The cover of the book

4. A handy dandy portable charger for your friend who never answers their texts because their phone keeps dying. All those times they leave the house without checking how much battery power they have. Oh, am I the only one who does that?

The charger

5. A countertop Aerogarden Harvest hydroponic garden so they can grow all the herbs they want, even after a track record of...many dead plants. No backyard required, and thanks to the LED grow lights, plus a watering-reminding system, no green thumb required either.

Aerogarden review photo full of herbs with five/five stars and text "fun and tasty! It's not often that my final result looks like the advertising photo, but the AeroGarden does"

6. A gift subscription to Atlas Coffee Club for the easiest way to ensure they don't run out of coffee and succumb to a caffeine headache. They'll get beans (either a half bag, bag, or double bag) per month, each from a different region, with info about the tasting profile, brewing recommendations, and a postcard about that place!

The box, with the bags of beans and info postcards

7. Or a Nespresso Vertuo that'll save on counter space ~aNd~ the amount of money they spend at their local coffee shop on high-quality espressos and coffees. They're about to live their most caffeinated life *and* thank you every single morning they use it.

A reviewer's grey coffee maker brewing an espresso

8. A set of makeup-removing cloths to remove every single trace of dirt and makeup (even waterproof formulas!) with just water. Them going to bed with a full face of foundation on? That can end now.

A model holding the large

9. Or for a higher-end option, a Foreo Luna Mini 2, a silicone face-cleansing brush designed to totally remove makeup, dirt, and oil, AAAAND gently exfoliate their skin in just 60 seconds (I know, it's a gamechanger). It's like a quick little baby facial every day.

Me using the Luna 2 on my face with face cleaner lathered on, with text "makeup, dead skin cells, excess oil, grime, etc. All gone in 60 seconds", and me showing the device in my hand

10. A borderline miraculous shoe-cleaning kit that's just good for sneaker collectors to have around, or to erase the damage anyone has inflicted on their favorite kicks, whether they're leather, nubuck, suede, canvas, vinyl etc. They *knew* they shouldn't have worn those shoes to that muddy festival.

A reviewer's Nikes next to a bottle of the cleaner

11. A set of battery-powered flameless candles with moving "flames" that flicker realistically for a relaxing atmosphere or the *look* of a fireplace — without worrying about whether or not they left a candle burning. 🤔

The five different height candles and remote

12. A pair of cactus-shaped dryer balls whose prickles will ensure their laundry dries quicker and gets softer than ever...even if they forget to move the sheets from the washing machine to the dryer until....15 minutes before bedtime.

The green dryer balls in a reviewer's pile of towels

13. A dozen squishy cat stress toys you can split up amongst recipients or shower your most stressed friend for when they just need to SQUEEZE something right MEOW!

Hands holding the 12 squishies that look like sleeping cats

14. A collagen-infused Elizavecca ~protein treatment~ for an intense at-home mask that'll help their strands look and feel less damaged in just five minutes, even after they've gotten *very* heavy-handed with the flat iron. It's basically a time machine for hair is what I'm saying.

BuzzFeed Shopping editor's before and after: frizzier, limper hair before and wavy, full-looking hair after

15. A grocery list pad (makes for a perfect stocking stuffer!) they can check off as they run out of items, making getting home and screaming, "Oh shoot, I forgot the eggs?!" a thing of the past.

The blue notepad, with sections for categories of food, suggested items, and blank lines so you can fill in your own

16. A lightweight and breathable sleep mask so they can ~shut out~ annoying light that keeps them awake and finally get some shut eye, especially if they have a hard time staying off their phone. They might even forget they have this bb on, because reviewers note it's as soft as a T-shirt.

17. A scratch-removing car restoration kit for any car enthusiast who doesn't always do the best parking jobs — or the teen in your life who just got their license. It comes with a buffing pad and polish to make those door-scraping accidents a worry of the past.

A scratched-up car door before (with remnants of another car's paint) and the same door after with only a few minor scratches left

18. A motion-detecting toilet light that'll glow any of 16 colors — so they don't miss the bowl no matter what, trip over cords in the dark, stub their toe, or make another 3 a.m. bathroom trip mishap.

A collage of toilets showing all the colors it can glow

19. A robotic vacuum sure to work hard while they just sit back and relax...picking up crumbs, pet hair, dust, and anything else that keeps their house from feeling fresh and clean — especially if they're not the best at keeping up with the mess.

20. An undated productivity planner so they can keep their goals ahead of them and their tasks organized starting TODAY, whether that's January 1st or not.

A model carrying the rose gold planner, and holding it open to show the layout inside

21. And a (also undated) habit calendar so they can track daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to get them on the right foot — whether they're going to make New Year's resolutions or not. If you're each other's accountability buddies, this is a great option!

The habit calender, with a page open to the nature section with activities and days ticked off

22. A set of Rubbermaid containers for anyone setting up (or improving) a kitchen. These have lids that snap onto the *bottom* of containers, meaning they'll never have to go on a 15-minute hunt for the right pair while their leftovers are sitting out — or deal with the avalanche of containers that regularly rains down upon their head.

The set of clear and red containers in multiple sizes with food in them

23. And/or a Rubbermaid Freshworks container to keep produce fresher for wayyyyy longer. Extend their budget — and the life of those strawberries they bought (::checks watch::) last week.

A BuzzFeed Shopping reviewer's image comparing a strawberry kept fresh in the Rubbermaid container with one kept in the original clamshell (significantly soft and mushy)

24. A travel-friendly wallet with Rfid-blocking material to keep their identity safe and their passport, credit cards, ID, and boarding pass neat and easy to access. We all have the post-security "where is my boarding pass" panic, but now they can be FREE of it!

The gold metallic wallet open to show what it holds

25. Brightening and de-puffing gold and collagen eye masks to soothe their under eyes after writing that A plus–worthy paper in one night (and to remove all remnants that they pulled an all-nighter). Their professor will never know!

Model with the gold undereye masks on

26. A sleek Philips Sonicare toothbrush (for *under $15*) for the under- or overbrusher in your life to improve their next dental checkup. At even that great price it has all the great cleaning benefits of an electric toothbrush, including Sonicare's Quadpacer (a timer that beeps to let them know when to move on to the next section of their mouth).

Models using the blue and pink toothbrushes

27. A sturdy but cute felt purse organizer with tons of pockets for their phone, earbuds, cosmetics, hand sanitizer, Kindle, and all the other *must-haves* they usually leave in the bag they used yesterday.

The organizer filled with items, including makeup brushes, phone, beauty products, and more

It comes in five different sizes to fit whatever purses, handbags, or totes you have.

Promising review: "For so may years I have been going into my purse trying to find something and especially when I am in a hurry to get to my wallet or keys, or whatever, it is sitting at the bottom. With this new purse organizer I can just put my hand into the purse and come right out with whatever I needed. Whoever invented these organizers should get a prize. No more jamming my hand into my purse and coming out with the wrong thing I was looking for." —Angie, Fallon, NV

Get it from Amazon for $15.88+ (available in five sizes and in 17 colors).

Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with two-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

28. A pill organizer with removable containers for each day of the week (and four sections per day) so they never miss a dose again or spend all afternoon thinking "did I take that today...or was that just yesterday blurring into today?"

29. An avocado tool to add some of that green goodness to every meal — without them struggling or accidentally cutting themselves trying to get that pit out. No "avocado hand" 2022!!

The tool in front of a bowl of guacamole

It'll slice open the fruit, painlessly (aka no knife needed) pop out the pit, and create perfectly Instagrammable slices.

Promising review: "I thought this was a unitasker, but it isn't at all! I eat avocado daily and this thing saves me from having to use three utensils. I finally gave in and bought it after I was trying to remove a pit and cut my hand. It was the last cut! Best purchase I made this year. Do your hands a favor and get two of these if you eat 'cados frequently like me." —JR

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with next-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

30. A waterproof, smudge-resistant eyeliner stamp with two sides: a triangular stamp on one end and a felt-tip eyeliner on the other to create the perfect winged liner look in no time flat, i.e., they'll never be late again!

31. A PhoneSoap sanitizer to kill 99.9% of germs on the toilet seat that is their phone. It fits almost all phone sizes (including larger iPhones), demolishes bacteria with UV rays, AND can charge their device at the same time (thanks to the handy dandy cord-sized opening).

32. A durable Tile Pro they can attach to their keys, bag, wallet, or whatever they lose a *bit* too often. Just pair it with the accompanying app to make the Tile ring. And vice versa, use the Tile to make your phone ring so you can find it, even if it's on silent.

33. A set of five stainless steel mixing bowls with silicone non-stick bottoms, so they can whip together their world-famous brownie batter without 1. the bowl spinning uncontrollably 2. the bowl slipping off the counter and spilling ALL OVER THE FLOOR!

A model whisking eggs in one of the bowls, with other ingredients in the others

34. A new version (it has a built-in light now!!) of the original basic Kindle that'll really help with their book-collecting ways. Do they tend to buy more books even though their shelves are filled with unread books? This'll help.

The black Kindle with text "holds thousands of books"

35. A compact Shiatsu massager they can use on their neck, back, legs, and more to relax overworked muscles after hunching over a computer all day or going super hard during a workout. Plus, it has an optional heat setting for even more pain relief. It's like giving the gift of a portable spa!

A model using it on their calf, plus images showing it working for necks, arms, backs, feet, and legs

36. And a Kevin Malone (with his pot of chili) Funko Pop, because even if something goes wrong at work, they can comfort themselves with the thought that at least they weren't up the night before, pressing garlic, dicing whole tomatoes, and toasting their own ancho chilies.

The Funko Pop

Me bringing my Secret Santa gift into the office every year:

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