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The Only Way To Host A Flawless Eurovision Party

There must be alcohol and glitter, lots of glitter.

Congrats, you've decided to host the best kind of party: A EUROVISION PARTY!

First off, you have to decide who to invite.

Make sure you have PLENTY of food.

Ask people to bring food from the country they're supporting.

You're going to need LOTS of booze.

Play our Ultimate Eurovision Drinking Game.

Make sure you'e got something sweet when they break to count the votes.

Make your living room super cosy.

Don't forget the bunting!

Get people to dress up.

And if people feel uninspired, show them some of the old school Eurovision acts.

Have Eurovision music playing as people come in, to get the party going.

We recommend you include "Euphoria" by Loreen, "Ne partez pas sans moi" by Céline Dion, "My number 1" by Helena Paparizou and definitely "Everyway that I can" by Sertab Erener.

Throughout the night, make sure you're the hostess with the mostess.

Have scorecards at the ready!

If people aren't fussed about supporting a particular country, hold a sweepstake.

Another fun game is to guess who each country will give their 12 points to.

Don't get annoyed if some of your guests aren't LOVING it.

Have a venue in mind for the after party.