The Ultimate Eurovision Drinking Game

What’s that? Someone’s singing in a European language? FINISH YOUR DRINK.

OMG it’s Eurovision time. Let’s get wasted.

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- Cheap beer
- A lot of vodka
- Ear plugs

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1. Whenever Graham Norton says something mildly racist, put on an Irish accent, repeat what he said and then drink two fingers.

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2. Every time the presenters flirt, swap drinks with someone else in the room and take a big gulp of your new drink.

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3. Finish your drink every time an act enters the stage in traditional costume.

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4. Whenever an act does an awkward dance routine, stand up and copy it. The last person standing finishes their drink.

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5. If a country attempts to make a political statement, drink 2 fingers.

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6. Every time a song has “love” in its title, tell someone in the room that you love them while gazing into their eyes. If you get the giggles, finish your drink.

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7. Whenever there’s a lighting or sound delay, start drinking. Only stop when everything works again.

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8. The moment Graham Norton gets too drunk to make sense, finish your drink. You’re going to need to match his drunkenness.

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9. Whenever you see glitter, feathers or coloured confetti, drink 3 fingers.

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10. Every time someone doesn’t sing in English, attempt to sing along. As soon as you find yourself struggling, take a big gulp of your drink.

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11. Whenever a presenter awkwardly performs a short stand up routine before delivering their country’s scores, do a shot.

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12. If a country gives 12 points to its neighbour, drink 2 fingers.

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13. If a country finishes with nil points, drink until you have nil drink left.

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14. If the U.K. wins, down your bottle.

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15. And if the U.K. comes last, see off every bottle in the room.

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The Eurovision Song Contest will be on BBC1 from 8pm on Saturday 10th May.

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Tabatha Leggett is commissioning editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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