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The Only Way To Host A Flawless Eurovision Party

There must be alcohol and glitter, lots of glitter.

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Congrats, you've decided to host the best kind of party: A EUROVISION PARTY!

First off, you have to decide who to invite.

If you have a big enough living room, you can invite as many people as you want, but the best Eurovision guest list will have a mix of people who LIVE for Eurovision (like me) and actually care about the acts, and people who are mainly there for the company and free food.

Ideally all your guests will be hardcore Eurovision fans, but let's face it, a lot of people (silly people) think it's a bit rubbish. I hosted one party where I spent the whole night shushing people, which wasn't very fun. As long as some of your pals are as into it as you are, you'll sweep the rest up in your enthusiasm!

Make sure you have PLENTY of food.

Don't worry about preparing elaborate dishes, make sure you have stuff that's easy to assemble. You'll most likely be sitting on the sofa so don't go for super messy food either. Have plenty of small bites at the ready, with snazzy cocktails, dips, crisps, pastries, skewers etc. Basically all the best food.

Ask people to bring food from the country they're supporting.

Go one step further with your party and opt for a Eurovision theme to all your food. Whether it's mini pizzas for Italy or tzatziki dip for Greece.

You're going to need LOTS of booze.

Eurovision is best watched when a little tipsy. Why not go for some British Bucks Fizz, a German punch or a summery jug of Sangria?

Play our Ultimate Eurovision Drinking Game.


Follow our rules and your guaranteed to be drunk pretty quick.

Make sure you'e got something sweet when they break to count the votes.

The bit after all the acts have performed, when the votes are being counted, tends to drag a bit. By this time you've probably finished most of the food, you've danced and laughed till your body aches and you may even have the start of a hangover. This is the point where you whip out something tasty and your guests will love you forever.

Make your living room super cosy.

If your hosting your party at home, make sure wherever you choose to watch has a TV set up in working order (so you're not wasting time trying to figure out a live stream), also make sure there's enough places for people to sit.

Even if you live in a tiny flat, just shove your furniture to one side, pop your pillows and blankets on the floor and you'll have a chilled out bohemian vibe and enough room to dance around as well.

Don't forget the bunting!

Decorate your home in flags, disco balls and tons of glitter (you can never have enough glitter).

Get people to dress up.

Either have everyone dress up in the national dress of the country they're supporting or they can come as their favourite Eurovision acts. Even the laziest of fancy dressers will make the effort, all they have to do is pop on a Conchita beard!

And if people feel uninspired, show them some of the old school Eurovision acts.

Naked ABBA wrapped in tin foil? Sounds like a great group costume!

Have Eurovision music playing as people come in, to get the party going.

We recommend you include "Euphoria" by Loreen, "Ne partez pas sans moi" by Céline Dion, "My number 1" by Helena Paparizou and definitely "Everyway that I can" by Sertab Erener.

Throughout the night, make sure you're the hostess with the mostess.

This means you need to be organised and plan ahead, so you're not rushing around when all your guests arrive. Enlist people to help you out with food if you've got a lot of guests coming. Greet people when they come in with a cocktail, make sure no one has an empty glass, and take the fancy dress seriously so you're oozing FABULOUSNESS.

Have scorecards at the ready!

Eurovision is double the amount of fun if you turn all your guests into a panel of critical judges. You'll be able to get official scorecards to download online, or just create your own.

In the past I've gone for DIY scorecards with categories that include: "Best lyrics", "Campest outfit" and "Most sexual dance move". Choose the categories you care most about.

If people aren't fussed about supporting a particular country, hold a sweepstake.


Before the event starts jot down the name of each country and place them into a hat. Have your guests draw a name so they cheer on their chosen entries. You can also hold the sweepstake for a good cause. Stonewall even have a Eurovision party pack!

Another fun game is to guess who each country will give their 12 points to.

People always moan that Eurovision is so political, but it does allow for an excellent opportunity to test your knowledge on European history and geography. Will The Netherlands give 12 points to Belgium? Will Azerbaijan, reward "douze points" to Russia? Whoever guesses correctly can select someone to down a shot.

Don't get annoyed if some of your guests aren't LOVING it.


Some people just don't "get" Eurovision. Don't feel like you have to keep everyone entertained. If people go off for a smoke, walk away from the TV, chat in the kitchen etc. — don't take it personal!

Have a venue in mind for the after party.

Whether it's continuing the party in your own place (with some karaoke perhaps?) or going out to a cheesy club to continue dancing - definitely have another stage for your party in mind. You'll feel so jolly after all those Eurobeats, it's a shame to let your moves go to waste!