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    18 Things You Missed At The Hollywood Film Awards

    It was the first time the show has ever aired on television, and here's what happened!

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    1. Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore had an animated conversation:

    CBS / Dick Clark Productions

    2. Benedict Cumberbatch got flattered:

    3. Queen Latifah got a bug in her mouth:

    CBS / Dick Clark Productions

    4. Jennifer Lopez made a wonderful flub.

    How To Drain Your Dragon 2, coming soon to a theater near you.

    5. Mike Myers gave us a taste of Dr. Evil:

    Getty Images / Jason Merritt

    6. Robert Pattinson went up on stage with this hair:

    Getty Images / Kevin Winter

    7. Johnny Depp was confused by a microphone:

    8. Gerard Butler taught us the proper way to say "ass":

    9. Kristen stewart sat at her table...

    WireImage Kevin Mazur

    ...and ate a macaroon...

    WireImage Kevin Mazur

    ...while barefoot.

    WireImage Kevin Mazur

    10. Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley had a moment:

    CBS / Dick Clark Productions

    11. Chris Rock made this face:

    Getty Images for DCP / Christopher Polk

    12. Eddie Redmayne was his adorable self...

    CBS / Dick Clark Productions

    13. And everyone wanted to pose with him.

    Getty Images for DCP / Frazer Harrison

    14. Even Jared Leto was super excited to be standing near him.

    Getty Images / Jason Merritt

    15. They are Groot:

    16. Ben Affleck thanked David Fincher for making sure the set was just the right condition for his nude scene:

    17. Mike Myers and Steven Tyler were peace crusaders.

    Getty Images for DCP Frazer Harrison

    18. And Keira Knightley became the feminist of your dreams:

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