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    18 Things You Missed At The Hollywood Film Awards

    It was the first time the show has ever aired on television, and here's what happened!

    1. Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore had an animated conversation:

    2. Benedict Cumberbatch got flattered:

    3. Queen Latifah got a bug in her mouth:

    4. Jennifer Lopez made a wonderful flub.

    How To Drain Your Dragon 2, coming soon to a theater near you.

    5. Mike Myers gave us a taste of Dr. Evil:

    6. Robert Pattinson went up on stage with this hair:

    7. Johnny Depp was confused by a microphone:

    8. Gerard Butler taught us the proper way to say "ass":

    9. Kristen stewart sat at her table...

    ...and ate a macaroon...

    ...while barefoot.

    10. Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley had a moment:

    11. Chris Rock made this face:

    12. Eddie Redmayne was his adorable self...

    13. And everyone wanted to pose with him.

    14. Even Jared Leto was super excited to be standing near him.

    15. They are Groot:

    16. Ben Affleck thanked David Fincher for making sure the set was just the right condition for his nude scene:

    17. Mike Myers and Steven Tyler were peace crusaders.

    18. And Keira Knightley became the feminist of your dreams: