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25 Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of 2012

This year was slow in sex tapes, but heavy in arrests. Let's reminisce about this year's celebrity hullabaloos.

1. March 13: Bobbi Kristina Started Dating Her Brother

Donald Traill / AP

OK, it's her adoptive brother, so they aren't blood related. But still, weird. They got engaged later in the year, but have since broken it off. You can read more about their relationship here.

2. April 6: Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI

Handout / Reuters

If the DUI wasn't enough, the reason she was caught under the influence was because she got into a car accident...with a POLICE CAR.

3. April 17: Pippa Middleton Involved in Gun Incident


After Pippa was photographed in Paris sitting in a car with a man pointing a gun at the paparazzi, she faced possible criminal charges. The gun turned out to be fake and everyone was happy. Here are the photos of the incident.

4. May 3: Ashton Kutcher Did a Racist Pop Chips Commercial

View this video on YouTube


Everyone freaked out when Kutcher's commercial for Pop Chips hit the Web. You decide for yourself if the ad was racist.

5. May 7: John Travolta's Sex Scandal

Alvaro Barrientos / Via

First John was accused of sexually harassing a masseuse when he requested a happy ending during a massage. Then more people came out saying the same thing. THEN a guy came forward claiming he was in a relationship with Travolta and gave some juicy details about their past together.

6. May 27: Justin Bieber Hit a Paparazzo


Long story short: Paparazzo blocks Justin's car. Justin gets mad, runs after the photographer. Photographer calls the police and says that Justin hit him. Here's the story.

7. June 14: Chris Brown and Drake Got into a Fight

Twitter / Via

Apparently at a club, their entourages threw bottles and glasses at each other over a discussion about Rihanna. Then in August the two were sued for $16 million by the nightclub. Well, we all know whose side Rihanna took. The below photo is the aftermath of the fight.

8. June 29: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Got Divorced

Evan Agostini, File / AP

Maybe this isn't a scandal per se, but it sure is scandalous because it's about Tom Cruise, king of Scientology, finally divorcing his maybe prisoner of five years.

9. July 17: Kristen Stewart Caught Cheating on Robert Pattinson

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

She was caught red-handed getting frisky with the director of her movie Snow White and the Huntsman whose wife actually plays her mother in the movie. R-Patz went into hiding and then came out looking hotter than ever while Kristen Stewart became the most hated woman on the planet for about a week. Now they are back together so WHATEVER TO THEM BOTH. Oh, and here are the incriminating photos.

10. July 19: Fred Willard Arrested for Public Masturbation

Mark Davis / Getty Images

Technically it wasn't public, because he was in an adult movie theater. But he was still fired from his job at PBS. He didn't have to go to jail but instead had to attend sex counseling programs.

11. Aug. 13: Miley Cyrus Cut Her Hair

The Associated Press / AP

AHHHHH OMG.This haircut will go down in the history books.

12. Sept. 1: Justin Bieber Played with a Gun

Twitter: @HechosSMGomez

Justin tweeted this picture of him pointing a toy gun at someone. Guns aren't cool. Guns are dangerous. #Guns.

13. Aug. 30: LeAnn Rimes Went to Rehab


There were rumors that she went to rehab because her busband, Eddie Cibrian, was cheating and because she was being abused on Twitter, but LeAnn says she checked herself into rehab for 30 days because of anxiety and stress.

14. Aug. 21: Prince Harry Photographed Naked in Vegas

Luke Macgregor / Reuters

The most gingery royal was playing a game of strip billiards in a hotel room with friends and then the next thing we know, the pictures of his toosh are all over the Web. Here are the original photos from TMZ.

15. Sept.13: Amanda Bynes Smoked in Her Car


Not cigarette smoking, POT smoking. That's right, ladies and gents, WEED. Not only was she smoking an illegal substance in her car, but doing it all while driving with a suspended license! Oy vey. Here's the full article.

16. Sept. 14: Photos of a Topless Kate Middleton Were Published

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Kate and Prince William were photographed with a ridiculously long-lens camera that captured her sunbathing topless on a private balcony in a private house. The royal family went nuts, and everyone saw Kate's boobs. The publication that originally published the pictures has been sued by the royal family.

17. Sept. 20: Fiona Apple Arrested for Possession of Hash

Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office / Via

While at a border stop in Sierra Blanca, Texas, Fiona's tour bus was searched, and cops found hash and a bit of weed. Fiona admitted the drugs were hers. Later that day she was released on a $10,000 bail.

18. Oct. 3: Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Got into a Catfight

View this video on YouTube


The two divas went at it on the set of American Idol. Ha! Can't wait for next season.

19. Oct. 4: A Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Came Out

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

If you would like to see the weirdest, most uncomfortable sex tape ever, please watch it here.

20. Oct. 10: Lindsay Lohan Got into a Huge Fight With Her Mom

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

This wasn't just any old mother-daughter spat. This was an actual "the police came to my house and I called my mother a coke-head" spat. Here's the full story.

21. Oct. 30: CeeLo Green Accused of Date Rape

Mark Davis / Via

A woman told cops that CeeLo slipped her Ecstasy then had sex with her. CeeLo denies it.

22. Nov. 22: Halle Berry's Ex and Current Boyfriend Got into a Thanksgiving Brawl

Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubrey (also the father of her child), and her current boyfriend, Olivier, apparently got into a major fistfight on Thanksgiving. Gabriel left with a battered face, and Olivier was seen with a bruised and wrapped hand. Here's the full story about the fight.

23. Nov. 26: Chris Brown Went on a Twitter Rant Against Comedian Jenny Johnson

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Jenny Johnson 1: Chris Brown: 0. Please see the tweets that subsequently caused Chris Brown to leave Twitter (but return a week later...booo).

24. Nov. 27: Angus T. Jones Said "Two and a Half Men" Is Filth

Dan Steinberg, File / AP

The kid from "Two and a Half Men" found God, and then told everyone to stop watching his show. He made a video about his awakening and also said some things he probably regrets about the show that earns him $350,000 an episode. Watch the video here.

25. Nov. 29: Lindsay Lohan Was Arrested for Punching Someone in the Face

Louis Lanzano / AP

We knew the year couldn't really end until Lindsay got into another scuffle. This time she allegedly hit someone at a club in New York City, then she was arrested for it. Here's what happened.

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