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    13 Times Karl Lagerfeld Was Accused Of Being Fatphobic, Problematic, Islamophobic, And More

    I never knew half of these happened, WOW.

    This post discusses fatphobia, Islamophobia, and sexual assault.

    Earlier this month, Vogue announced that the 2023 Met Gala theme is "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty." This immediately drew backlash from fans and celebs alike, given the late fashion icon's controversial and problematic remarks.

    Karl Lagerfeld

    Here are 13 Karl Lagerfeld problematic moments that have resurfaced, sparking backlash, discourse, and criticism:

    1. When he voiced his discontent with Germany taking in Muslim refugees in 2017:

    Karl Lagerfeld on the runway

    2. When he body-shamed Adele:

    Closeup of Adele

    3. And also Heidi Klum:

    Closeup of Heidi Klum

    4. When he harshly criticized Seal's skin:

    Closeup of Heidi Klum and Seal

    5. When he criticized Pippa Middleton's appearance:

    Pippa and Kate Middleton

    6. When he talked about Lana Del Rey having "implants":

    Lana Del Rey onstage

    7. When he intimated that feminists were "ugly":

    Closeup of Karl Lagerfeld

    8. When he was asked about beauty standards and said, "No one wants to see curvy women."

    Karl Lagerfeld

    9. And in the same interview, he reportedly said, "You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly. The world of beautiful clothing is about ‘dreams and illusions.’”

    Closeup of Karl Lagerfeld

    10. When stylist Karl Templer was accused of sexual assault and Karl Lagerfeld defended him in the worst way:

    Karl Templer

    11. And when he criticized the #MeToo Movement:

    Closeup of Karl Lagerfeld

    12. When he called Princess Diana "stupid" in 2006:

    Closeup of Princess Diana

    13. And lastly, when he mocked Andy Warhol:

    Andy Warhol

    If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673), which routes the caller to their nearest sexual assault service provider. You can also search for your local center here.