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29 People That Didn't Realize Their Brain Was Trying To Tell Them They Are Gay Way Before They Actually Realized

Ah....so that's why.

1. Wanting to kiss Jasmine:

"I used to be in love with all the Disney girls and had like, zero interest in the guys. I had this huge Disney storybook and I would fold down the pages where I thought the girls looked the cutest so I could come back and stare at them. We also used to have this HUGE Aladdin poster in our basement and I would sneak down there to kiss Jasmine and the harem girls all the time."


2. Worrying about being exposed by TaTu:

"I'm bi, but back then I couldn't watch anything with gay people in it. I'd literally leave the room when Tatu's "All The Things She Said" came on because it'd make me feel so weird. Now I know it was me feeling uncomfortable that I identified with it and was worried everyone could see that."


3. Making gay Sims:

"I kept making my sims be in gay relationships. No rhyme or reason (or so I thought), and my parents were confused when they saw one entire neighborhood was just gay couples. It makes so much sense to me now."


4. Watching Alan Cumming do Cabaret:

"I was watching The Vicki Lawrence Show, and Alan Cumming was performing Cabaret. I was barely a teenager, but I had been questioning for a while. That sealed the deal."


5. Having a specific way of choosing teams in soccer:

"When I came out to my mom, she said she knew since I was 8-10 when she was the coach of my soccer teams and I would always want the prettiest girls to be on my team. 😂"


6. Wishing outloud:

"In elementary school I literally told my friends “I wish I could marry a girl.” Yep, a totally normal straight girl thing to say."


7. Barbie and Ken drama:

"When I was a kid, I had a big Barbie house and all sorts of fancy furniture. I had a little Barbie family that lived in there, which included a Ken doll.

Anyway, once I had some friends over and we were all playing with the house. The “mom” Barbie had a huge fancy canopy bed and the Ken doll had to sleep on a blanket on the floor. One of my friends tried to put them in the same bed and I completely freaked out about it. I don’t recall if I got mad at them or anything, but I remember hiding the Ken doll because I just really didn’t want the boy and girl dolls sleeping in the same bed. It just wasn’t RIGHT in my little kid brain.

Of course, years later...gay AF and I still don’t want any boys in my bed!"


8. Having deep "admiration":

"I REALLY admired my fellow female students and always wanted their attention and for them to like me. I’d blush when they looked at me or talk to me. I remember really liking one girl and I cried when she got a boyfriend. Needless to say when I was in my late teens I realized I was a lesbian."


9. The movie Avalon High:

"Britt Robertson in the Disney channel original movie, Avalon High. Ten year old me did not know why she liked the pretty, sporty blonde, wearing a suit of armour and holding a sword, but damn did she like it nonetheless."


10. Certain ~spicy~ dreams:

"When I was in high school, there was this girl who bullied me constantly, but I always had “spicy” dreams about her, and I constantly wanted to push her buttons so she would give me attention. LOL."


11. Wanting a Juliet:

"When I was in 6th grade I was in a school play where I played the male lead (I'm a female). It was — you guessed it — Romeo and Juliet. In the middle of "the big kiss", I wondered what it would be like to have a Juliet of my own. My little baby lesbian self needed help."


12. Making a portrait of someone:

"I once worked an entire weekend on a elf princess version portrait of a pretty girl in my class when I was in high school. The reason? She'd mentioned she was into fantasy and I desperately wanted her to notice me. Never done that for a dude."


13. Getting unexpected butterflies:

"My friend and I used to pretend we were the two foxes from the Fox And The Hound movie. I played the guy fox and she was the girl fox and we pretended to be in a relationship. Every time we would cuddle and pretend to flirt I would get these butterflies in my stomach. Seeing as this was when I was around seven, I have definitely always been gay, even if I didn't know it yet."


14. Fantasizing about kissing Keira Knightly:

"When I was about seven, it was the trend to have princess themed birthday parties in the local town hall, you know, with the bad DJ and party bags. Anyway, whilst my friends all argued over who got to be Cinderella I decided I’d be Captain Jack Sparrow because (and I quote my seven-year-old self) “he gets to kiss Keira Knightly”. When I came out, my parents said they’d know I was a lesbian since that moment lmao."


15. Getting "friend crushes":

"I would have 'friend crushes”' on girls because they were so pretty and seemed really cool. They were regular crushes."


16. Having JTT on your wall:

"I had a poster of Jonathan Taylor Thomas in my bedroom when I was a preteen because I thought he was "cool" and a good actor. I don't think I could name three things he acted in."


17. Writing love letters disguised as farewell notes:

When I was in high school, I played softball and every year the younger folks would write letters to the seniors who were graduating. Most of the ones I wrote to the seniors were like, "thanks for all you did blah blah blah" but to one girl I wrote that she was really pretty and thought she was so cool. I thought I was straight for seven years after that, but now I am bi and proud!


18. Crying over actresses:

I was around 13 and watching The World Is Not Enough. I cried when Electra died because I thought she was too beautiful to die.


19. Just being really happy for...everyone else:

"I went to my first pride parade with my best friend after she came out. Seeing happy gay couples and the "free hugs moms" made me extremely happy and also very sad. I was on the verge of tears almost the whole time. I kept saying it was just because I was an ally and I was happy they could be themselves 🙃."


20. Having buff action figures:

"I loved He-man action figures and my imaginary friend was a shirtless muscular guy. Also I had an Annie (from the musical ) birthday cake and Snow White birthday cake for my fourth and fifth birthday parties 🤷‍♂️."


21. Having a thing for your teacher:

"When I was in 7th grade (12 years old) I always imagined being able to hug my math teacher. She was young and incredibly gorgeous and I’d daydream about talking to her and she’d give me a hug. 12 years later I realize wanting a hug was just the start of my brain wanting to experience the touch of a female. LOL."


22. Taking so many quizzes:

"You know how it is... many 'am I gay?' quizzes that all told me I was gay, at which point I would go to sleep, pretending like the quizzes were all wrong, like some unknown being had FORCED me to pick 'I very badly want to kiss girls.'"


23. Googling very gay things:

"I remember at around age 10 looking up girls kissing each other and I still thought I was straight."


24. Being jealous of boys for only one reason:

"I remember thinking that I was glad I was a girl, and I didn’t want to be a boy, except for the fact that boys got to date girls and girls are pretty."


25. Michelle Pfeiffer being "really neat":

"Being extremely obsessed with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. I always just thought she was Really Neat. It's been 25 years and I'm still in love with her."


26. Basically inventing The Tonys:

"I made up award shows in high school, and my friends would be nominated... and there were musical segments from musicals."


27. Having a thing for men in togas:

"Watching the first 20 minutes of Harry Hamlin in Clash Of The Titans over and over. I was about 12 and kept saying how much I 'loved the cinematography.'"


28. Wanting to be Vanna White:

When I was a kid we would always watch Wheel of Fortune and every time a contestant would spin the wheel I would stand next to the TV and applaud, pretending to be Vanna White. And yet I didn't come out until I was 21 :-P.


29. And finally, having a crush but not realizing it could possibly be a crush:

"My best friend in middle school and I were super close. I always thought about how pretty she was. One time, she did the whole 'lay on top of me to do my makeup' thing and I remember holding my breath but I didn’t know why. Turns out I was head over heels for her 🤷🏼‍♀️."