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Tell Us Something That You Didn't Realize At The Time, But In Retrospect Was Your Brain Telling You You're Gay

I should have known.

As an adult gay, there are many times when I chuckle to myself thinking about my youth and say "omg, how DID YOU NOT REALIZE YOU WERE GAY?!"

Like for example, when I saw Van Helsing and became obsessed with it, I realize now that it wasn't the plot that had me watching it over and over again...it was because of Kate Beckinsale!

And perhaps back in the day my brain was just trying to scream out "YOU ARE A LESBIAN," when this boy I was "dating" at camp tried to wake me up during a midnight raid to make out and I pretended to be asleep for an entire HOUR while he nudged me, and then eventually gave up.

Or maybe you're my now-very-gay-friend, who said it should have been obvious because when she was younger and playing house, she'd always be the prince or husband.

And then there's my other friend who will remain anonymous who said this:

So, tell me, people!! What thing/things did you do that was definitely your brain just trying to tell you that you were gonna be A GAY! We're all in this together. Share in the comments below (include pics if you want!!) and you might be featured in a Buzzfeed post!!!