Now That The Entire Season Of "Stranger Things" Is Out, Here Are 36 More Behind-The-Scenes Photos To Obsess Over

    It's over for now, but we'll always have these memories.

    We've already seen a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics from Stranger Things Volume 1. I love them all. But now that Volume 2 has been released, there are MORE. So here they are. These will have to hold us over until season 5.

    1. Millie Bobby Brown cooling off Sadie Sink (and also Noah eating a cracker from Sadie's toe):

    2. Jamie Campbell Bower doing his voice for Vecna:

    3. Gaten/Dustin and Joseph/Eddie upside down/right side up:

    4. David Harbour/Hopper with his sneaky feet shoes on:


    5. Joseph Quinn practicing his big guitar solo:

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    6. The process of making Vecna's burned clothes:

    7. But most importantly, Vecna in Crocs:

    8. Tom/Dmitri and a Demogorgon:

    9. Lucas and Max with their special eyes:

    10. Millie/Eleven enjoying her time in Nina:

    11. Jamie Campbell Bower doing his own flipping stunts:

    12. And a sillier side to One/Vecna:

    13. Millie/Eleven and Matthew Modine/Dr. Brenner having a moment:

    14. A whole lot of set hijinks with Noah/Will and the rest of the cast:

    15. Winona Ryder/Joyce during some downtime:

    16. One and Eleven hugging it out:

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    17. Eduardo/Argyle getting pumped up for a scene:

    Twitter: @strangerwriters

    18. The boys just bein' boys:

    19. Brett Gelman training to kick some ass:

    20. Charlie Heaton and Noah Schnapp napping on set:

    21. Pizza boys being COVID safe:

    22. Jamie Campbell Bower/Vecna getting his hair done:

    23. The secret to the boat/lake scene:

    24. Nikola Djuricko's journey to becoming Yuri:

    25. Yuri and Dmitri goofin' in Katinka:

    26. Millie/Eleven before all the bad stuff started:

    27. The older kids hanging among themselves:

    28. Vecna/One up close:

    29. All of Dr. Brenner's hair looks:

    30. Caleb/Lucas in all his bloody face glory:

    31. Millie taking a phone break:

    32. Gaten/Dustin and Caleb/Lucas preparing for war:

    33. Sadie Sink with a bloody script:

    34. Millie showing young Eleven the ropes:

    35. And Young Eleven (before the CGI face) with Dr. Brenner:

    36. And whatever this is: