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    36 Behind-The-Scenes Moments From "Stranger Things" Season 4 That I'm Obsessed With

    I want to be a part of this cast.

    1. Vecna taking a phone call.

    a person in a monster-like skeleton suit on the phone

    2. Vecna with his Starbies.

    a person in a monster-like skeleton costume drinking Starbucks

    3. Millie Bobby Brown just hanging.

    When Netflix asks if you want to “Skip Intro”:

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    4. And Fred (played by Logan Riley Bruner) suspended in mid-air.

    Twitter: @strangerwriters

    5. Max/Sadie Sink having a laugh with Vecna.

    6. What the Upside Down is actually made from.

    To create the Upside Down our art department used: 63,432 lbs of urethane resins 272,500’ of rope 18,300 pool noodles 78,000 sq ft of bubble wrap

    Twitter: @strangerwriters

    7. Murray/Brett Gelman and his stunt double.

    8. And also Dmitri/Tom Wlaschiha and his stunt double.

    9. Nancy in the Upside Down, which is actually just a baby pool.

    Twitter: @strangerwriters

    10. Millie Bobby Brown with her real-life boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, and her onscreen boyfriend.

    11. Andddd Jake Bongiovi getting some highlights for his veryyyy quick cameo in the show.

    (It was during the roller rink scene in Episode 2, BTW.)

    12. Dacre Montgomery covered in wounds.

    13. Steve/Joe Keery making sure his breath is fresh for the Upside Down.

    14. Sadie Sink enjoying the bloody mess.

    15. Max/Sadie Sink and the magic behind her levitation.

    16. Millie Bobby Brown and her mini-me.

    17. And a bit of pre-scene jumping jacks to warm up.

    To get revved up for a big scene, Millie often does jumping jacks. She taught this to Martie…and then Matthew Modine picked it up. Never too late to learn new tricks!

    Twitter: @strangerwriters

    18. Steve/Joe Keery and the makeup team on the boat that is covered in Upside Down tentacles.

    19. Anddd, a look at how they filmed it.

    a behind-the-scenes shot of the camera person filming the Upside Down

    20. Hopper/David Harbour getting some makeup done.

    21. A sweet moment between Papa/Matthew Modine and Eleven/Millie Bobby Brown.

    22. Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp being silly and goofy.

    23. Robert Englund, who plays Victor Creel, in a Hawkins High hat (with eyes!).

    Who is Victor Creel? #strangerthings ⁦@Stranger_Things⁩

    Twitter: @RobertBEnglund


    24. Here are some of the kids outside the very scary Creel house.

    25. And that same crew on a golf cart while Steve/Joe Keery is shirtless with a nice necklace bruise.

    26. Eleven/Millie Bobby Brown at the roller rink with her enemy, Angela/Elodie Grace Orkin.

    27. The makeup for the "grievers" featured in Episode 2 — turns out they have noses in real life.

    28. Billy's stunt double doing his thing.

    29. All of the numbers and their bloody eyes.

    30. iPhones beng used even though it's the '80s.

    31. Eddie/Joseph Quinn hiding out.

    32. Putting little touches on a massacre.

    33. Making sure the blood is in justtt the right place.

    34. Dr. Brenner/ Matthew Modine getting some caffiene.

    35. 016 getting ready for his big death scene.

    36. And finally, Vecna taking off for the day. MEEP MEEP.