Here's Why A Bunch Of Actors In "The Queen's Gambit" Look So Familiar

    Knew they looked familiar.

    The Queen's Gambit is a new Netflix show that will make you want to wear a cardigan and become a master of chess. If you've already watched it, you might have recognized a bunch of the cast. Let's take a looksie.

    Harry Beltik, who is played by Harry Melling, was in Harry Potter. Yes, a lot of Harrys there.

    But anyway, yes, that's Dudley Dursley allll grown'd up.

    Benny, the mustachio'd urban cowboy is played by Thomas Brodie Sangster.

    But you probably know him best as the little kid from Love Actually.

    Alma Wheatley, played by Marielle Heller, doesn't have many acting credits...

    ...however, she is a writer/director, recently directing A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood with Tom Hanks. Oh, and she's married to Jorma Taccone, former SNL writer/member of The Lonely Island.

    Beth Harmon is played by Anya Taylor-Joy. She might be harder to recognize because her hair is a different color in everything she's in.

    Buttttt, she was Emma in...Emma, and if you saw Split, she was in that too. She's also in The New Mutants with blonde bangs. Girl knows how to rock a wig.

    And finally, there's Mr. Shaibel, played by Bill Camp.

    You might recognize him from one of a billion things because Bill Camp seems to have a small role in everything. He was in Dark Waters, Lincoln, Molly's Game, and the list goes onnnn and on.

    Everyone else on the show is also really good even if you don't know who they are already. Including my new fav twins, Matthew and Russell Lewis. Love them.