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    11 TV Shows And Movies That Filmed In The Locations They're Set And 11 That Made You Think They Did

    Mary Poppins starring Julie Andrews didn't film a single scene in London.

    1. First, Sex and the City was shot on location in New York City, which allowed the city to basically become its own character.

    2. But even though Friends was set in NYC, the series never filmed there. Instead, the Warner Bros. Studios lot in California was transformed to look like NYC.

    Chandler and Joey getting into Phoebe's taxi and the gang playing football

    3. The Queen, which earned Helen Mirren an Academy Award for Best Actress, filmed all over the UK, including London and Scotland.

    Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth in The Queen

    4. However, Mary Poppins, which earned Julie Andrews an Academy Award for Best Actress, was filmed entirely at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California in 1963.

    Mary, Bert, Michael, and Jane looking out at London from the roof

    5. All the President's Men, starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, filmed throughout Washington, DC in 1975.

    Bob and Carl working in All the President's Men

    6. But Scandal, which followed Olivia Pope and her team in Washington, DC, was mostly filmed in Los Angeles except for a few scenes.

    Olivia and Fitz talking in the Rose Garden

    7. Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med have all filmed on location in Chicago since Chicago Fire began production in 2012.

    The cast of Chicago Fire filming on the street and the Chicago PD cast filming in the snow

    8. However, Chicago — you know, the award-winning movie based on the Broadway musical — didn't actually film in the Windy City in 2002. It filmed in Toronto.

    Roxie and Velma singing

    9. Mare of Easttown was actually filmed in the suburbs around Philadelphia and Delaware County, which is where the fictionalized version of Easttown is supposed to be.

    Mare and Zabel knocking on a door, and Helen and Siobhan sitting in a park

    10. However, The Queen's Gambit was mostly shot in Berlin, with locations there made to look like Moscow, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Paris, and more.

    Beth playing chess and walking in the street

    11. Nora Ephron's classic film Sleepless in Seattle did film a lot of its iconic moments in Seattle, Baltimore, and New York City, which is where the film is set.

    Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle

    12. However, Grey's Anatomy, which has basically become synonymous with Seattle, doesn't actually film there, but rather in Los Angeles.

    Cristina talking to Meredith, and Meredith and Derek with the house of candles

    13. Moonlight, which follows Chiron during three stages of his life, was shot in Miami, Florida, which is where the movie is based.

    Chiron talking and standing in the street

    14. However, Brokeback Mountain, which tells the story of Ennis and Jack, who herd sheep in Wyoming, was filmed throughout Alberta, Canada, namely in the Canadian Rockies.

    Ennis riding his horse

    15. High Fidelity, starring Zoë Kravitz, filmed throughout NYC, notably Brooklyn, during its one (and sadly only) season.

    Rob standing on the street and entering her record store

    16. But Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which tells the story of our favorite 99th precinct in Brooklyn, actually films in Los Angeles.

    Jake and Amy getting married

    17. Dazed and Confused, which tells the story of a group of high schoolers in Austin, Texas, actually filmed on location, which allowed the movie to have an authentic feel.

    The cast of Dazed and Confused

    18. But while Mean Girls is set in Evanston, Illinois, the movie was actually shot in Toronto.

    Regina running away from Cady

    19. One Tree Hill, which is set in the fictional town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, actually filmed in the state for nine seasons.

    Peyton and Lucas talking on the side of the road and everyone at the river court

    20. However, Outer Banks doesn't shoot in North Carolina, but instead it makes Charleston, South Carolina look like OBX.

    The Pogues on their boat

    21. Villanelle and Eve's adventures in Killing Eve are filmed on location throughout Europe, with production taking place in Tuscany, Romania, Spain, London, Berlin, and more.

    Villanelle standing outside a gorgeous vineyard in Tuscany

    22. But, finally, the opening scenes from Captain America: Civil War, which show Wanda accidentally collapsing a building in Lagos, were filmed in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Atlanta, Georgia.

    Wanda looking shocked and a Lagos market

    Obviously, there are a TON more movies that have either filmed on location or made you think they did. Do you have another one that completely blew your mind? Tell us in the comments below!