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35 Crazy Things Celebrities Do

Mind blown.

1. Take pictures of their dog at dog parks

Justin Bartha

2. Exit cars

Amber Rose

3. Shop for their kid's clothes

Reese Witherspoon

4. Walk their dogs

Anne Hathaway

5. Get coffee

Marcia Cross

6. Push their baby in a stroller

Chris Hemsworth and wife

7. Get gas for their cars

Josh Duhamel

8. Buy magazines

Dustin Hoffman

9. Wave

A. J. McLean

10. Wave and smile

Lea Michelle

11. Put their arm up and wave

Kylie Minogue

12. Push shopping carts

Kevin Bacon

13. Stuff their face with fast food

CeeLo Green

14. Wear plaid shirts

Nick Jonas

15. Go biking

Joe Simpson and Jessica Simpson's husband

16. Sit on park benches

Goldie Hawn

17. Give thumbs up

Johnny Knoxville

18. Sit at tables

Stan Lee

19. Eat hot dogs

Reese Witherspoon

20. Run

Matthew McConaughey

21. Walk

Sharon Stone

22. Hold hands

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart

23. Drive cars

Joshua Jackson

24. Read newspapers

Jason Biggs


Anthony Goodrich/Juan Sharma/Bruja,

Jude Law

25. Make hand gestures

Diane Kruger

26. Lug groceries

Chris Evans

27. Put groceries in the trunk

Patton Oswalt

28. Buy diapers

Selma Blair

29. Get pedicures

Naomi Watts

30. Wear large jackets

Sarah Jessica Parker

31. Put their hands in their pockets

Henry Winkler

32. Prepare to enter their cars

Minka Kelly

Wear crocs

Shia LaBeouf

Have bad hair days

Daniel Craig

All photos from FameFlynet unless otherwise sourced.

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