27 Actors That Have Famous Parents That I've Never Fully Registered Because They've All Been Famous For Sooo Long

    Being related in Hollywood is not a new thing.

    Just because it seems like every new famous person these days is related to someone that's already famous, doesn't mean this hasn't been the situation in Hollywoodland forever. Seriously, EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD IS RELATED AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN. Here's proof.

    1. Jason Schwartzman and his brother, Robert Schwartzman, are actors and musicians (from Phantom Planet and Rooney).

    Jason Schwartzman and his brother, Robert Schwartzman

    Talia Shire is an actor who starred in The Godfather and Rocky.

    Closeup of Talia Shire

    And she is the mother of Jason and Robert.

    Jason Schwartzman, Talia Shire, and Robert Schwartzman

    2. Amanda Plummer was in Pulp Fiction, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Ratched.

    Closeup of Amanda Plummer

    The late Christopher Plummer was an award-winning actor.

    Closeup of Christopher Plummer

    And Amanda is Christopher's daughter.

    Christopher and Amanda Plummer

    3. Lily Rabe has appeared in several seasons of American Horror Story among many other things.

    Lily Rabe

    The late Jill Clayburgh was in several dozen movies, her last movie appearance was in Bridemaids, as Kristen Wiig's character's mom.

    Jill Clayburgh

    And she is Lily Rabe's real-life mother.

    Jill Clayburgh and Lily Rabe

    4. Martha Plimpton starred on Raising Hope, and has won multiple Tony Awards.

    Martha Plimpton

    Keith Carradine has starred or appeared in several dozen shows and movies, from Robert Altman's film Nashville to Dexter.

    Keith Carradine

    And Keith is Martha's dad.

    Martha Plimpton and Keith Carradine

    Also, Keith's brother is Robert Carradine, who starred in Revenge of the Nerds and played Lizzie McGuire's dad.

    Keith and Robert Carradine

    And their father is the late John Carradine, who acted for over 50 years.

    John Carradine

    5. David DeLuise is best known for playing the dad in Wizards of Waverly Place.

    David DeLuise

    Michael DeLuise is David's brother, who is known for being in Encino Man, 21 Jump Street, and Gilmore Girls.

    Michael DeLuise

    Dom DeLuise was a comedian who appeared in a lot of Mel Brooks movies and variety shows.

    Dom DeLuise

    And Dom is David and Michael's dad (their mom is Carol Arthur, also an actor/comedian).

    David, Dom, and Michael DeLuise, and Carol Arthur

    6. Ethan Peck stars in Star Trek: Strange New World.

    Closeup of Ethan Peck

    The late Gregory Peck was a legendary actor, probably best known for To Kill a Mockingbird.

    Closeup of Gregory Peck

    And Ethan is Gregory's grandson.

    7. Lenny Kravitz is someone everyone knows.

    Lenny Kravitz

    Roxie Roker is best known for her role on The Jeffersons.

    Roxie Roker

    And Roxie is Lenny's mom.

    Roxie Roker and Lenny Kravitz

    8. Jason Ritter has starred in Parenthood, Raising Dion, and lots of other shows.

    Closeup of Jason Ritter

    His brother is Tyler Ritter, who stars on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Tyler Ritter

    The late John Ritter is best known for Three's Company and 8 Simple Rules.

    Closeup of John Ritter

    John is Jason and Tyler's dad.

    Jason and John Ritter

    9. Kate Beckinsale is the very famous person Kate Beckinsale.

    Kate Beckinsale

    Richard Beckinsale was an actor who appeared in many British TV shows and movies.

    Richard Beckinsale

    And Kate is Richard's daughter.

    Also, her mom is Judy Loe, who has been acting since 1970.

    Kate Beckinsale and Judy Loe

    10. Toby Stephens stars on Lost in Space.

    Closeup of Toby Stephens

    Maggie Smith is a forever icon.

    Maggie Smith

    And Toby Stephens's mom is Maggie Smith.

    Toby Stephens and Maggie Smith

    11. Sam Robards is an actor who starred in American Beauty and A.I.

    closeup of Sam Robards

    The late Lauren Bacall was one of the biggest actors during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

    Lauren Bacall

    And Sam Robards is Lauren Bacall's son.

    Lauren Bacall and Sam Robards

    Also, his dad was two-time Academy Award-winning actor Jason Robards.

    Jason and Sam Robards

    12. Rafe Spall is an actor that stars in Trying, and he was in The Big Short (among many other movies).

    Rafe Spall

    Timothy Spall is probably best known for playing Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter movies (at least for my generation).

    Timothy Spall

    And Rafe is Timothy's son.

    Timothy and Rafe Spall

    13. Josh Brolin is Josh Brolin.

    Josh Brolin

    James Brolin starred in TV's Marcus Welby, M.D., plus movies like Catch Me If You Can and this year's Lightyear

    James Brolin

    And they are father and son.

    Josh and James Brolin

    14. Emma Thompson needs no introduction.

    Emma Thompson

    Phyllida Law is an actor who has been in movies since the 1960s.

    Phyllida Law

    Phyllida is Emma's mom.

    Phyllida Law and Emma Thompson

    15. Oz Perkins is most recognizable for being in Legally Blonde.

    Oz Perkins

    The late Anthony Perkins is most recognizable from starring in the Psycho movies.

    Anthony Perkins

    Oz is Anthony's son.

    Anthony and Oz Perkins

    16. Joely Richardson is most known for starring in Nip/Tuck.

    Joely Richardson

    Vanessa Redgrave has won basically every major acting award.

    Vanessa Redgrave

    Joely is one of Vanessa's daughters, the other being the late Natasha Richardson.

    Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson

    17. Alexandra Hedison is best known to lesbians because of her appearances on The L Word (and being married to Jodie Foster).

    Alexandra Hedison

    The late David Hedison was an actor who starred on several TV shows and movies.

    David Hedison

    Alexandra is David's daughter.

    Jodie Foster, and David and Alexandra Hedison

    18. Gabriel Macht is best known for starring in Suits.

    Gabriel Macht

    Stephen Macht was also in Suits, as well as One Life to Live, Murder, She Wrote, and dozens of other shows.

    Stephen Macht

    Gabriel is Stephen's son.

    Stephen and Gabriel Macht

    19. Melora Hardin starred on The Bold Type and The Office.

    Melora Hardin

    Jerry Hardin has been acting since the 1950s, notably as "Deep Throat" on The X-Files.

    Jerry Hardin

    Melora is Jerry's daughter.

    Jerry and Melora Hardin

    20. Damon Wayans Jr. starred on Happy Endings.

    Damon Wayans Jr.

    Damon Wayans is the famous Damon Wayans, known for In Living Color and My Wife and Kids.

    Damon Wayans

    And they are father and son.

    Damon Wayans Jr. and Damon Wayans

    21. Mira Sorvino is probably best known for her role in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.

    Mira Sorvino

    The late Paul Sorvino is best known for Goodfellas and Law & Order.

    Paul Sorvino

    Paul is Mira's dad.

    Paul and Mira Sorvino

    22. Georgia Tennant is an actress who has appeared in numerous TV shows.

    Georgia Tennant

    Peter Davison has been in a lot of shows, including starring as the Fifth Doctor in Doctor Who.

    Peter Davison

    Georgia is Peter's daughter, and she happens to be married to David Tennant, the 11th doctor.

    Peter Davison and Georgia Tennant

    23. Troy Garity is known for Ballers and the Barbershop movies.

    Troy Garity

    Jane Fonda is the one and only Jane Fonda.

    Jane Fonda

    And she is Troy's mother.

    Troy Garity and Jane Fonda

    Also, Jane's dad is the late and very famous Henry Fonda.

    Henry Fonda

    24. Jeff Bridges is someone you all already know.

    Jeff Bridges

    Lloyd Bridges acted in over 150 movies and is best known for starring in the TV show Sea Hunt.

    Lloyd Bridges

    Jeff is Lloyd Bridges's son.

    Lloyd and Jeff Bridges

    25. Jack Davenport is an actor known for Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Jack Davenport

    The late Nigel Davenport is an actor who appeared in many award-winning movies including Chariots of Fire.

    Nigel Davenport

    And Nigel is Jack's dad.

    26. Amber Tamblyn is best known for Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

    Amber Tamblyn

    Russ Tamblyn starred in the original West Side Story.

    Russ Tamblyn

    And Russ is Amber's dad.

    Amber and Russ Tamblyn

    27. Finally, Chris Pine is the one and only Chris Pine.

    Chris Pine

    Robert Pine is best known for starring on CHiPs.

    Robert Pine

    And Robert is Chris's dad.

    Robert and Chris Pine