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29 Kids Of Celebrities You Might Have Seen On TV But Didn't Realize Had Very Famous Parents

If your parent is famous, chances are you'll be too.

1. Stella Baker; she's 29.

She starred on the CW's The Republic of Sarah and appears on The Good Fight.

Stella standing in front of a map and holding a marker

Her dad is Simon Baker.

Simon and Stella smiling and holding hands on the red carpet

2. Jake Cannavale; he's 27.

Jake smiling in a blue suit, no tie, on the red carpet

He plays Caesar on The Offer on Paramount+.

Close-up of Jake with slicked-back hair

His dad is Bobby Cannavale.

Jake with his arm on Bobby's shoulder as  Bobby points his finger at Jake

3. Ty Tennant, who is 20.

He just played young Aegon Targaryen on House of the Dragon.

Close-up of Ty with long, light-blonde hair

His dad is David Tennant.

David and Ty on the red carpet smiling, with David's arm on Ty's shoulder

4. Jackson White; he's 26.

He stars on Tell Me Lies on Hulu.

Close-up of Jackson sitting at a table

His mom is Katey Sagal.

Jackson and Katey standing together, with Katey's arm around Jackson's waist

5. Grace Van Dien; she's 26.

She played Chrissy on Stranger Things.

Close-up of Chrissy in the woods and looking scared

Her dad is longtime actor Casper Van Dien, who starred on Starship Trooper.

Casper in a suit and Chrissy, in a minidress, on the red carpet

6. Sam Daly, who is 38.

He plays Bradley Lena on Bull and was Win Barrington on Madame Secretary.

Close-up of Sam in a suit and tie and wearing a name tag

His dad is Tim Daly.

Sam with his arm around Tim's shoulders on the red carpet

7. Aurora Perrineau; she's 28.

She plays C on Westworld.

Close-up of Aurora looking serious

Her dad is Harold Perrineau (you know him from Lost).

Harold in jeans and a '70s-style shirt with his arm around Aurora in a short dress on the street

8. Ruby Modine; she's 32.

She played Sierra on Shameless.

Ruby with Jeremy Allen White as Lip on Shameless

Her dad is Matthew Modine (from Stranger Things).

Matthew in a turtleneck with his arm around Ruby in a short dress against a backdrop of greenery

9. Hannah Einbinder, who is 27.

She stars as Ava on Hacks.

Hannah in a Nike shirt and jacket

Her mom is Laraine Newman from Saturday Night Live.

Hannah with her arm around Laraine on the red carpet

10. John Higgins; he's 27.

He's an SNL writer and cast member who is part of the sketch group Please Don't Destroy.

Close-up of John holding a phone to his ear

Hid dad is Steve Higgins, longtime SNL and Jimmy Fallon producer.

Close-up of smiling Steve in a suit and tie

11. Eve Hewson; she's 31.

She stars as Becka on Bad Sisters on Apple TV+.

Close-up of Eve looking serious

Her dad is Bono.

Eve and Bono standing together, both dressed in black

12. Julitta Scheel, who is 18.

She played Cassidy on Kidding on Showtime.

Close-up of Julitta in a classroom

Her mom is Marcia Gay Harden.

Julitta and Marcia in gowns on the red carpet

13. Nico Parker; she's 17.

Nico in long braids

She was in the live-action Dumbo and The Third Day on HBO and will be on the upcoming The Last of Us.

Nico in a hoodie and jacket against a foreboding outdoor background

Her mom is Thandiwe Newton (and her dad is director-writer Ol Parker).

14. Daniella Garcia-Lorido; she's 34.

She plays Maddie on Rebel.

Daniella sitting in a courtroom

Her dad is Andy Garcia, who is also on the show.

Daniella and Andy standing together

15. Jordan Bridges, who is 48.

He played Frankie on Rizzoli & Isles.

Jordan as a police officer

His dad is Beau Bridges (and his uncle is Jeff Bridges).

Beau and Jordan with their arms around each other on the red carpet

16. Miles Robbins; he's 30.

He played Billy in Let It Snow on Netflix.

Close-up of Miles looking intense

His mom is Susan Sarandon (and his dad is Tim Robbins).

Susan in a wide-brimmed sun hat and Miles with his arm around her shoulders outdoors

17. Gia Mantegna; she's 32.

She played Devin on The Middle and appeared on Criminal Minds.

Gia in a car wearing a beanie

Her dad is Joe Mantegna.

Joe in a Red Tails Spit Fire bomber jacket and Gia in a coat on "The Godfather" 50 Years red carpet

18. Taylor Dearden, who is 29.

She plays Sunny Hall on For All Mankind on Apple TV+.

Close-up of Taylor

Her dad is Bryan Cranston.

Taylor in a glittery V-neck and Bryan in a suit and tie standing together and smiling

19. Iris Law; she's 22.

She plays Soo Catwoman on Pistol on Hulu.

Her dad is Jude Law.

Jude on the red carpet

20. Eden Brolin; she's 28.

She plays Mia on Yellowstone on Peacock.

Eden in a jacket looking distraught

Her dad is Josh Brolin.

Josh and Eden with their arms around each other and smiling

21. Honor Swinton Byrne, who is 25.

She stars in The Souvenir and The Souvenir: Part Two.

Honor sitting up in bed wearing a robe

Her mom is Tilda Swinton.

Honor in a short dress and Tilda in a loose, billowy top and wide pants on the red carpet

22. Esther McGregor; she's 20.

She plays Natalie on High School on Freevee.

23. And her sister Clara McGregor; she's 26.

She's on the new season of American Horror Story: NYC.

Close-up of Clara

Their dad is Ewan McGregor.

24. Ever Anderson, who is 14.

She played young Natasha in Black Widow.

Ever with multicolored hair amid trees and other greenery

Her mom is Milla Jovovich.

Milla and Ever on the red carpet

25. Milo Gibson; he's 31.

He starred in the movie Manifest West.

Milo sitting and wearing a jeans and plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up

His dad is Mel Gibson.

Mel smiling and with his arm around a smiling Milo's shoulder, both wearing a suit and tie

26. Gaia Wise; she's 22.

She appeared on the BBC show Silent Witness.

Smiling Gaia with short hair and a sleeveless T-shirt

Her mom is Emma Thompson.

Emma in a checkered-print outfit and Gaia in plaid with their arms around each other on the red carpet

27. Langston Fishburne; he's 35.

Langston in jeans, shirt, and jacket on the red carpet

He played young Bill Foster in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Close-up of Langston in a turtleneck and jacket looking remarkably like his father

His dad is older Bill Foster, Laurence Fishburne.

Langston onstage and smiling at his father, who's holding a microphone and smiling at him, as he touches his shoulder

28. Louis Ashbourne Serkis, who is 18.

Louis smiling on the red carpet in a short jacket and his hands in his pant pockets

He appeared on The Queen's Gambit and stars on ITV's No Return.

Louis in handcuffs and being held by police officers

His dad is Andy Serkis.

Louis with Andy and Louis's mother, Lorraine Ashbourne, on the red carpet

29. And finally, Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney; she's 20.

She was recently in The Northman.

Ísadóra as a Viking wearing a wreath-type crown and beating a drum with Jonas Lorentzen

Her mom is Björk.

Björk performing in a puffy, full-body, multicolored outfit