Hardly anyone gets my nationality correct.
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  • The Origins And Tribue To “The Quiet Storm”

    The Quiet Storm. That time of night when you turn the lights down low, light a candle, and play some of those silky, sultry, and smooth jams. But there a point in time when the slow jam was not specifically celebrated… until someone rolled up on the scene and branded this ode to love making in musical form.

  • A Most Awesome Calvin And Hobbes + Invader Zim Cake!

    My wife decided to surprise me for my 40th Birthday, and this was just out of left field. She contacted Ant from Nerdache Cakes for this just simply awesome hybrid cake featuring one of the greatest Calvin and Hobbes snowmonster scene together with Invader Zim, Gir, and even Dib. Seriously the greatest birthday cake ever.

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