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14 TV Shows With Lightning-Fast Cancellations

"Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave." These beautiful disasters didn't last long. Prepare your home with Verizon FiOS and you'll be sure to catch everything. We mean everything.

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1. Osbournes Reloaded (1 episode)

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Canceled after only one episode, this flop proves that just because something was once great doesn't mean it needs a variety show. FOX budgeted for six episodes, but only one made it to airwaves.

2. Do No Harm (2 episodes)

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The lowest-rated scripted premiere of the four major networks EVER, this failure almost slipped into obscurity without anyone noticing. But with only two episodes airing before getting the ax, it didn't have much time to do harm.

3. The Playboy Club (3 episodes)

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NBC's vuluptuous venture proved to be too much for network audiences and advertisers. After three episodes it was replaced by a much more family-friendly (though equally fated) Rock Center with Brian Williams.

4. Viva Laughlin (2 episodes)

Robert Voets / © Sony Pictures Television / Everett Collection

We all remember the promos for CBS's Vegas-themed musical drama — but that's about all we remember. This disaster lasted two episodes. And yeah — that's Hugh Jackman.

5. Quarterlife (1 episode)

Elisabeth Caren / © Bedford Falls Prod. / Everett Collection

The story of six twentysomething friends (lol), this NBC bummer got bounced to Bravo after just an episode. Apparently the show had something to do with blogging, but no one really knows or cares.

6. Secret Talents of the Stars (1 episode)

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Around 2008, the networks started having a field day with audience voting shows. CBS wrangled together some celebrities, invented "talents" for them, and built an entire show out of it. Alas, America voted "no" on Danny Bonaduce riding a circus bike and George Takei singing country music.

7. Daddy's Girls (3 episodes)

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CBS took a second gamble on comedian Dudley Moore after his other series for the network, Dudley, lasted only five episodes. The result had Moore playing the father of three women, one of which was a young Keri Russell. It was bad.

8. The Rich List (1 episode)

Joe Viles / © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. / Everett Collection

Anyone who watched the 2006 World Series (Tigers / Cards) can probably recall promos for this imported game show. Even with the hype, however, ratings bombed on premiere night, and FOX opted to replace it with more episodes of The O.C. .

9. Party Girl (4 episodes)

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Party Girl was a comedy featuring a young John Cameron Mitchell and starring Christine Taylor (best known for her work as Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie). The show was about a partying librarian. FOX took this title off the shelves pretty quickly.

10. Canterbury's Law (6 episodes)

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Yes, this courtroom drama made it to the half-dozen mark, but that was only after making the shameful slot switch from Monday to Friday after just two episodes. Consider it a slow death. Of course, Julianna Margulies found success in The Good Wife, so it wasn't all for naught.

11. We Are Men (2 episodes)

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Rotten Tomatoes gives this two-episode stint a flattering 4% on its Tomatometer. The age-old story of divorced men bein' men, this one couldn't even find an audience on CBS.

12. The Will (1 episode)


A written record of this show is hard to come by, but it definitely happened. The reality-competition show pinned one man's loved ones against each other for his last will and testament. It wasn't exactly the Survivor and Amazing Race standard we expect from CBS.

13. Lawless (1 episode)

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Way back in 1997, FOX led its football flock on a tragic journey by placing Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth in a detective drama. Check out the painful promo to decide if you would have watched.

14. Liza and David (0 episodes)

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OK, this is a bit unfair. This VH1 "musical reality series" was canceled during production due to notorious tension between the couple and the network. The couple divorced soon after.