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16 Ways To Dress Like A Grown Man

Essential fashion tips that will help you dress for the occasion.

1. Now that your mom isn't buying your clothes anymore, start following the Style Pyramid.

Step 1: Make sure your suit fits.

Step 2: Check the fabric.

Step 3: Is it stylish?

2. High school is over; get a real pair of shoes.

3. If you're not going to run, don't wear running shoes.

4. Throw out your white socks, and cover up.

5. Holey and unnaturally faded jeans are deal breakers.

6. Know how and when to wear shorts.

How: Find a balance between exposing your knees and covering your thighs.

When: Based on temperature, location, and the event.

Never: Wear cargo shorts (you're not going on a safari).

7. Stop buying "small, medium, and large" dress shirts.

8. Know how to roll your sleeves.

9. For ties, matching colors and patterns is key.

10. Prom is over, but you still need a tux.

11. You're welcome.

12. Pocket squares are meant to complement, not match.

13. Cuff links can make or break an outfit.

14. Get a haircut like the guys from Mad Men.

15. Use the sun to your advantage.

16. Also, real men do their own laundry.

Follow these tips, and you'll be the next 007.