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    27 Brutally Honest License Plates

    Wear your heart on your plate, that's what I always say!

    1. The plate that has something to say about your face.

    2. The plate from a misanthrope.

    3. The plate from someone who really just wants some peace and quiet, PLS.

    4. The driver who no one should go near, ever.

    5. The plate whose owner is probably cold and shivering somewhere.

    6. The plate with a pretty great sense of humor.

    7. The plate that a lot of creditors would like to get in touch with.

    8. The plate that probably has some whips in the trunk.

    9. The plate from a vampire who just happens to be at a blood drive ... Convenient!

    10. The plate that's a little nuts.

    11. The completely selfless plate.

    12. The plate with a slightly ominous warning.

    13. The plate that's a total Regina George.

    14. The plate from someone who has never spit.

    15. The plate from someone who really only has one thing to say to you.

    16. The plate that wants to know if you can pay for dinner this time?

    17. The plate that's watching you ALL THE TIME.

    18. This plate that's probably a little tipsy right now.

    19. The newly single plate.

    20. This.

    21. The plate that doesn't need to explain their life choices to anyone!

    Double exclamation point!!

    22. The hearse that KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE.

    23. The plate that's not allowed within 500 feet of playgrounds.

    24. The plate that could use a little direction.

    25. The plate that packs a punch.

    To the vah-jaa-jaa.

    26. The plate that's totally topless right now.

    27. And the plate that pretty much says it all.