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    The 12 Best Disney Villain Style Icons

    Being bad never looked so good.

    12. Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


    Even someone as old as Frollo can be sexy: the trick is wearing a giant hat to cast a shadow over your face. Frollo accentuates this look with equally imposing epaulets and jewelry. (Look at the size of that rock!) Adding dramatic eyebrows makes even the dourest face look extra expressive — though that expression might be "pissed."

    11. Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)


    Got muscles? Show off those bad boys with a seriously undersized shirt: the ladies of Paris will flock to you. Unlike most Disney characters, Gaston has ample chest hair — it's a good look that distinguishes him from everyone but The Beast. Normally a ponytail on a man is a no-no, but here it's balanced with Gaston's staggering size.

    10. Madame Medusa (The Rescuers)


    Madame Medusa is a hot mess, but somehow she makes it work. Because she's rather ghoulish, it makes sense to exaggerate those features: Medusa goes bigger and bolder with shocking red hair (no way that color is natural) and way too much makeup. The blast of purple eyeshadow really brings out the crazy in her eyes.

    9. Mother Gothel (Tangled)


    Here's a good reminder that just because you're an evil witch doesn't mean you have to look the part. Mother Gothel goes light on the makeup and dons a relatively conservative dress. Her energy goes into her hair, which manages to shine even next to Rapunzel. Who wouldn't prefer tasteful curls to an endless blonde mess?

    8. Captain Hook (Peter Pan)


    Let's play a new game: hipster or pirate? With that long, greasy hair and the overlong (ironic?) mustache, Captain Hook is so cool it looks like he's not even trying. Given his weird facial structure, the facial hair is a necessary distraction, to the extent that you might not even notice his cumbersome nose. The hook is cool, too.

    7. Lady Tremaine (Cinderella)


    Talk about neck for days. Lady Tremaine knows she has intense elongated features, and she underlines those with her clothing choices. It's a risky move that pays off here. The giant hair is well suited to her lanky physique, aided by maintaining its natural color. She looks like she's aging gracefully.

    6. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)


    Real sea witches have curves. Ursula knows that a little black dress is slimming. Plus, it takes attention away from her tentacles. The white hair is the perfect complement to her skin tone, which really pops with the right color lipstick and eyeshadow. She's way fiercer in her true form than she is as that boring human girl.

    5. Scar (The Lion King)


    As the one animal on the list — two, if you count Ursula's lower half — Scar has to work extra hard to distinguish himself. It's mostly his fashion-forward color scheme: who knew black and brown could work so well together? Those eyes are the real highlight, though, striking that perfect balance between allure and threat.

    4. Jafar (Aladdin)


    Jafar's motto seems to be, "Live out loud." The cape and the cobra staff both say he's willing to step outside of his comfort zone. He even makes a goatee work to his advantage by letting it grow out into a sharp point. Bonus points for the ultimate accessory: a talking parrot.

    3. The Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)


    You're seriously going to tell me that Snow White is fairer than Her Royal Fierceness? The Queen gets that sometimes there's nothing hotter than covering up: by keeping most of her skin under wraps, she lets her face stand out. And with features like that, who can blame her? Strong makeup choices complete the look.

    2. Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians)


    It doesn't get much better than Cruella, who uses a giant fur coat to protect her slender frame. The black-and-white motif is classic, and she commits, going so far as the explore that duality in her hair. Hints of red — her gloves and the lining of her coat — create a brilliant contrast sure to strike fear in the hearts of all dog owners.

    1. Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)


    Bow down. When life handed Maleficent green skin, she took Tim Gunn's advice and made it work. Others with that complexion might shy away from traditional makeup, but her lipstick and eyeshadow form the perfect color combination. Add to that a cape and a crow and you've got an ensemble too thrilling to put anyone to sleep.

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