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    19 Wholesome Things That Happened To People This Week That Made Me Smile, Cry, And Smile Again

    Very wholesome and very good.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us something good that happened to them this week. Here are the delightful results.

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    1. "After 30 years, I found out I have a brother! I did an AncestryDNA test a few years ago, and he completed one earlier this year. Then, he and his wife searched for me (and my sister) on social media and contacted us. He lives about three hours away from me, and we're planning to get together once it’s safe to do so. I can’t wait!"


    2. "My 18-year-old pug Lola underwent a full mouth extraction procedure due to her periodontal disease. She made it out without any complications, and she remains disease-free! I was recently laid off, and she's what's keeping me going right now."

    3. "My mother was declared cancer-free!"


    4. "After a difficult year, we just adopted a baby boy. Now we get to spend extra time with him in the NICU where I can work remotely, and I can save my maternity leave for when he comes home."


    5. "My boyfriend and I rescued an abused and neglected turtle that was swimming in a small, dirty tank for five years."

    "During the first month, she hated people. You couldn’t even walk in the same room without her hissing, clawing, or banging against the glass. Plus, because of her living conditions, her back leg bones weren’t able to form properly due to a lack of calcium and UV light, and she flailed sideways trying to swim in her new, larger tank. After a lot of TLC, calcium supplements, and direct sunlight, she now comes OUT OF THE WATER to greet me, and — as of this week — she started letting me feed her by hand! I cried. She's become the sweetest and most trusting pet."


    6. "I’m a nurse and student midwife. After a tiring shift, I went to the grocery store only to discover that it had been cleared out. I went home, ate a cup of soup for dinner, and cried. Two days later, a family friend showed up at my door with three bags of fresh fruit, vegetables, and pantry items. This time, I cried happy tears."


    7. "I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl!'


    8. "My grandmother turned 100 this past September, and her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren have been video chatting on Zoom with her every other day. I’m currently alone in my apartment in New York City, and the delighted look on her face at seeing each member of her family gives me something to look forward to."


    9. "My dog Ellie let me put a bow on her! I managed to take a picture before she shook it off. She is a gift and a very good girl!"

    10. "My youngest brother and I have been quarantined for two weeks, and we've kept our meals pretty basic to save money. So yesterday, I decided to buy pizza and ice cream for dinner, and he was so happy, which filled my heart with joy. It was a really great thing to happen this week."


    11. "This past Wednesday was my youngest daughter’s first birthday. My family surprised us by decorating their cars, pulling up in front of our house with signs, and singing happy birthday to her."

    "I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried — a lot. First birthdays are special, especially for the parents, and she’s our last baby, so it was bittersweet. It was the best surprise ever — and we got it all on video!"


    12. "My two-year-old daughter, who's talking more than ever, told me she loved me. I literally cry happy tears just thinking about it."


    13. "I was a little bummed about spending my 30th birthday inside, so my husband secretly reached out to my friends and family, and they set up a Zoom meeting to surprise me."


    14. "My boyfriend and I got engaged last weekend! Even though he couldn’t ask me the way he had planned, he set it up so we were on Zoom with my family, and now we have a goofy recording of our proposal and my family’s reaction to it."


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    15. "I haven't been able to see my group of friends from my hometown, so they included me in an online poker night! We had mixed cocktails and everything."


    16. "I got into graduate school!"


    17. "My son learned how to ride a bike, so we're going on daily bike adventures. Today we saw a bat, and he audibly squeaked with delight."


    18. "I got engaged to my partner of four and a half years!"


    19. "I had to self-quarantine after having possible contact with someone with the coronavirus. Since my mom had a liver transplant a year ago (and takes immunosuppressants), I couldn't be near her for two weeks. Yesterday was the first day I could hug her again."


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    What’s something good that happened to you this week? Let us know in the comments, and share your photos! Follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter to be featured in future BuzzFeed posts!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.