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Tell Us The Best Thing That Happened To You This Week

I'm very much here for all the positivity.

Sharing positive stories during this coronavirus pandemic can help spread hope in a challenging time.


So, we’d like to hear a story about something good that happened to ~you~ this week!


Maybe you just had the best first date ever via FaceTime, and the virtual arrangement was equal parts unique and fun.


Or perhaps working from home means you have more time to cook, and you made a dish that even Gordon Ramsay would love.


Or maybe you’ve been working on the frontlines during the coronavirus outbreak, and you received the sweetest thank-you note that totally made your week.

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In the comments below, share a story about something good, exciting, or wholesome that happened to you this week — and feel free to submit photos — for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!