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    30 Animal Instagram Accounts That Make Me Smile And Will Probably Make You Smile Too

    Animal pics and videos = digital serotonin boosts.

    1. @Reverethecat, a cheeky kitty who comes complete with a built-in mustache. 10/10 could watch her roll around all day.

    2. @Big_cocoa_puff the GIGANTIC rabbit, who can most often be seen frolicking with his human toddler sibs.

    3. @Sealrescueireland, in case heart-melting photos of fuzzy rescued sea chonks interests you at all.

    4. @Theladyshortcake, the always-smiling pittie who I'm not entirely convinced isn't actually a person.

    5. @Brooklyn.bambinos, aka Chuck and Blair the hairless Bambino cats for whom I have exactly three words, eight letters.

    6. @Thebeagleandthebun, unbelievably wholesome unlikely BFFs who are basically the only thing keeping me on the internet right now.

    7. @Littlemunchiepooky, a wide-eyed Munchkin cat who is so cute and cuddly I honestly can't believe she exists, but somehow she does, despite all odds.

    8. @Pardonthyfrench, better known as Beth the three-legged Frenchie, who has more attitude in one boopable snoot than I have in my entire body.

    9. @Chiefseamus, who is my daily dose of flooftasticness and my personal ear-o.

    10. @Mylittlepeepers, a mini horse rescue organization that truly sounds like my ideal work environment.

    11. @Tikatheiggy, Italian Greyhound and FASHUN ICON.

    12. @Shedd_aquarium, the Chicago aquarium that's always awesome, but especially lately. Since being closed because of the Coronavirus outbreak, it's been letting its penguins waddle around and visit other residents!

    13. @Goldenunicornrae, because here you were thinking that nothing could be cuter than a Golden Retriever puppy. Well how about a Golden Retriever puppy WITH ONLY ONE EAR THAT LIVES ON TOP OF HER HEAD.

    14. @Parkerandlily, the handle of feline sisters Parker, Lily, and Jasmine, who are the perfect follow for anyone who, like me, finds chatty kitties to be an endless source of amewsment.

    15. @Cruzysuzy, a nature photography account dedicated to quokkas, which are (ICYMI) the smiliest marsupials in all the land.

    16. @Smudge_lord, the personal page of the biggest feline celebrity of the modern age. Yes, I'm talking about Table Cat himself. And yes, he still hates vegetals. And somehow maybe nachos too?

    17. @Teddytheshetland, a floofy pony who likes to hang out with his BFF @rustytheworkingcocker all the live long day.

    18. @Pet_disneyfication, which, true to its name, illustrates pets in iconic Disney style.

    19. @Morkskywalker, a rescue angel who has been dubbed "Baby Yoda Dog" and totally lives up to the title.

    20. @Coffeewithsmudge, the loviest little bun bun who just wants to give kisses and wiggle her little nosey all day long and that is what she DESERVES.

    21. @Calistathepitbull, a rescue who's out here claiming to be a doggo but is most definitely a seal in disguise.

    22. @Monty_happiness, home of Monty and his sister Molly, who were born with chromosomal differences but now live to grace your feed with paws-itive messages. ❤️

    23. @Lionelthehog, a hedgie here to provide a much-needed ~prick~-me-up.

    24. @Wallythewelshcorgi who is...I'm sorry, what was I saying? All I can think about are those EARS.

    25. @Lulu_schocket, an absolute unit and absolute fashion icon.

    26. @Dogswithstuffedanimals, whose entire profile should probably appear under "wholesome" in the dictionary.

    27. @Wallysrescuedlife, a senior pooch with zero teeth but literally all the cuteness.

    28. @Wilbur.wombat, because I guess it's legal in Australia to have both those ears and that nose and not be charged with Aggressive Cuteness.

    29. @Princesscheeto, a chonky tuxie whose dad likes to turn her into cool pieces of pop art. Put 👏 her 👏 in 👏 the 👏 Louvre👏 .

    30. And of course, @weratedogs, which is an absolute must-follow if you haven't already. Every pooch gets a LOL-worthy caption and a rating, which is always higher than 10/10, obvs.