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29 Times Teachers Were Straight-Up Hilarious, Wholesome, And Heroic This Year

Teacher TikTok is the place to be.

Many people turned to TikTok this year to find entertainment in quarantine — and teachers weren’t an exception. Throughout the highs and lows, challenges and sacrifices, teachers were one of many 2020 superheroes, and their TikToks gave a unique glimpse into their lives.

A teacher virtually teaches young students on a video call
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Many teachers used the app to find new ways to connect with their students and other educators — and of course, have some laughs along the way.

From showing what it's actually like to teach virtually to hopping on the latest trends, teacher TikTok did it all. Here are some of the funniest, most heartwarming, and most viral TikToks from teachers in 2020:

1. TikTok user @kenziiewenz, whose videos went viral for showing the energy it takes to teach a kindergarten class over Zoom:


my facial expressions trying to keep kindergarteners engaged in online learning #onlineschool #fyp #teacher

♬ original sound - Mackenzie

2. @_coolcal, known as Mrs. Evans, who made a viral back-to-school rap with fellow teacher Mrs. Williams. The song was inspired by Jack Harlow's TikTok hit "What's Poppin'," and it blew up across social media:

3. @vizzywap, who captured her professor's reaction to the most wholesome thank-you over Zoom:


during these tough times it’s important to show extra appreciation! #fyp #foryoupage #zoom #dontletthisflop #college #covid #professor #thankyou

♬ original sound - James Blake

4. And @laurenherrle13, who similarly captured her professor's reaction to a virtual thank-you that turned out to be incredibly heartwarming:


surprised the sweetest teacher on our last day of class 🥺❤️ #HolidayCrafts #CancelTheNoise #UpTheBeat #fyp

♬ original sound - lauren herrle

5. @sammyrae0322, who surprised her fifth-grade class with a ~juicy~ breakup letter prank...

(Their gasps truly make the video.)

...which turned out to be a ~clever~ history lesson:

6. @bcholeman, who went viral earlier this year after sharing this storytime about why he let a student sleep in his class:


This is for all the teachers and students out there. Life can hit hard, and we all need some grace. #teacher #middleschool #fyp #foryou #studyhacks

♬ original sound - vision wise

7. @case_fitz_art's incredible Among Us–themed classroom door decoration:

8. @_bigheartlittleminds_'s brilliant "secret student" classroom management hack:

9. @d_prend40, who shared a thoughtful glimpse into what virtual teaching looks like inside a school:

10. @jjgrubb's use of meme stickers while grading his students' tests:

11. @iamthatenglishteacher, whose popular grammar lessons are so good, they keep showing up on everyone's "For You" pages:

12. @iamsofiabella, who discovered her students are some of her biggest TikTok fans in the cutest way:


Here’s to 300k ✨ apparently my little bunnies are a part of those 300k 😂💜🐰 #teachersoftiktok #onlineschool #fyp #teacher #virtuallearning

♬ original sound - Sof

13. @larrylexicon's hilarious TikToks — like this one where he reveals just how much he misses in-person classes:

14. @lessonswithlewis, who also became known for her teacher humor — like this TikTok where she gives a tour of ~pre-2020~ classrooms:

15. @mr.mctiktok started a viral series where he gets roasted by his students:


My students saw @mr_clidence do this and wanted to roast me too. @abby.estelaria Wait for round 2 💪🏻 #forme #itstheforme #teachersvsstudents

♬ Student Roasting McTikTok - Mr. McClintock

16. And @jknight5253 often shared the funny and random moments of teacher life:

17. @fancynancyin5th showcased what a hybrid classroom looks like:

18. @missstewsroom's "teacher outfit check" became a popular trend among other teachers to show off their wardrobes on TikTok:

19. And @thehippestteacher's style videos often circulated on ~teacher fashion TikTok~:

20. @mrferroni perfectly captured how it feels when the Zoom energy runs out:

21. @lovemsslater recorded this heartfelt video packing up her classroom at the end of her first school year:


My first year is OFFICIALLY done. Thank y’all for sharing in these classroom memories with me 🥺❤️ #teachersoftiktok #imissyou #kindergarten

♬ This City - Sam Fischer

22. @mr_williamson23 was one of many teachers who participated in viral trends from this year — like the "This or That Challenge":

23. @i_teach_english did a funny version of the "you have to stop" videos (a twist on the "main character" trend on TikTok):

24. @mikeybee32's take on the "Wipe It Down Challenge" gave a funny ode to the former in-person teaching life:


Who else is tired of staring at their screen all day?! Ps used the wrong angle lol #wipeitdown #indoorlooks #teacherproblems #funnyteacher

♬ original sound - Mikey Bee

25. And @thatnewteacher showed how she uses the popular "Do I have your attention" TikTok sound — from Todrick Hall's "Attention" — to get her seventh-graders to quiet down:

26. Teachers like @mrssloanbiology, known for her biology lessons on the app, also shared plenty of pre-COVID content — like this one where she teaches her class a "dance" to remember DNA replication:

27. @redgeallen also shared the ultimate ice-breaker he used pre-COVID to welcome his students on the first day of class:

28. @mr.pyper showed how he makes online health classes fun:


I refuse to let online school be boring in my class😂 #foryou #teacher #tiktokteacher #fyp #onlineschool #funny #school

♬ original sound - Mr. Pyper

29. And lastly, @veronicaiher captured this heartwarming moment after her professor stayed up all week to help the class study:

P.S.: You might cry.


The world needs more professors like him 🥺 He was so shocked, he deserves all the thanks! #surprise #thankyou #fyp

♬ original sound - Veronica

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