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    19 Students And Professors Who Were 100% Hilarious During Online Classes

    At Zoom University, there really are no rules.

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    1. When this student was called out by his professor because the professor thought he was vaping (and it was really a water bottle):

    2. When these students tried really hard to pull this off, to no avail:

    my zoom class this morning really spent the time to coordinate this LMAO

    3. When this girl went all out with choosing a username for her Zoom class:


    Online classes really bring something new everyday!!! Patiently waiting for my teacher to notice ##reallifeathome ##foryou ##fyp ##thrifted ##TheSongOfUs

    ♬ DJ Yames Mashup 2 - dj_yames

    4. When students got real crazy with the Zoom backgrounds:

    .@colesprouse made an appearance in anatomy class. #ZoomUniversity

    5. When this professor really showed up for class:

    Well I did say I'd attend today's zoom meeting, I just didn't say how I'd be attending. #OnlineTeaching #onlinelearning #ZoomUniversity

    6. As did this one:

    bro we don't deserve some professors 😂 #CoronavirusPandemic #zoomuniversity

    7. When this student had a few questions for his professor and he got this as a response:


    how’s online school going 💋💋

    ♬ original sound - stevenmorea

    8. When this teacher decided to make the best of things in his fake paradise:

    My teachers are handling this surprisingly well #ZoomUniversity #COVID19

    9. When this professor accidentally pulled a Hermione Granger and morphed into a cat:

    10. When this student realized that she couldn't escape class trolls:

    11. When this student found a way to cheat the system:


    And that’s on making a picture of yourself your zoom background ##TheSongOfUs ##quarantinelife ##happyathome ##fyp ##MySkinandME

    ♬ original sound - joefloww_

    12. When this student took the opportunity to get in some self-care time:

    13. When the professor needed an answer from Nicki Minaj:

    14. When this student roasted poor Shelby:


    I’m so sorry Shelby 😭 online learning is going great y’all! ##onlineclass ##fyp ##zoom ##foryou ##onlineschool

    ♬ original sound - grantegibbs

    15. When this choir class decided on a Harry Styles theme:

    16. When this student said "screw it" and made bacon in the middle of class:


    I don’t wanna be a zoom content creator but Jesus there’s too much good stuff ##zoom ##onlineclass ##fyp

    ♬ original sound - suchkatiee

    17. When this professor showed off his chickens:

    18. When this professor did what he had to do:

    19. And finally, when we've reached an age where we can bring pets to class, as did this one student:

    Warning: if you have a zoom meeting with me for class then you’re gonna see my dog a lot. #zoom #onlineclasses

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