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    If You Can't Get TikToks To Load Or Play, Here's How To Fix It

    It's actually a simple solution!

    Have you ever experienced deep sadness (or extreme frustration!) from not being able to watch a TikTok in a BuzzFeed post?

    Well, my friends, I'm happy to report that there is a solution.

    While BuzzFeed does not have full control over the technology that makes TikTok videos appear on our website, we do have a trick that should make them work!

    Hot Tip 🔥: TikTok videos already work on the latest iOS and Android BuzzFeed mobile app. (Get on iTunes or Google Play store if you don't have it yet!)

    Screenshot of BuzzFeed app home page and trending page.


    If you aren't using the BF app and want to view a post on Chrome on your phone, you'll have to go to Settings > then Chrome, and make sure "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" is ON (aka green):

    Photo of a phone with arrow pointing to the tick button on Chrome.

    If you use Safari, you have to do the opposite (I have no clue why 😩). Go to Settings > Safari, and turn “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" OFF (so it's grey):

    Photo of a phone with arrow pointing to the tick button on Safari.

    Now, let's move on to Mac desktop and laptop users. TikToks should already play on the Chrome browser! But, if you want to view videos on Safari, go to your Privacy page, choose Safari and Preferences > Privacy, then UNTICK the “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” checkbox:

    Photo of computer with settings area circled.


    You shouldn't have to do anything because TikToks should already work for your devices on Chrome!


    Get the BF App 😄 Or use the steps above to make them work on Chrome or Safari.

    Got it? Great! Now go back and check out all the amazing TikTok posts you missed!