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    People On TikTok Are Sharing Annoying Things People Need To “Stop Doing,” And It’s Painfully Accurate

    Well, they're not wrong.

    Let’s face it: We all have little pet peeves. So it just makes sense that people on TikTok have started sharing things that annoy them the most — and they're NOT holding back.

    In this recent trend, TikTokers are sharing annoying things people should “stop doing” by using this viral (and ironically angelic) sound from TikTok user @hannah_harpist.

    It's not 100% clear who was the first TikToker to use the sound in this way — but it’s safe to say people have taken the trend and run with it.

    So here are 13 annoying things people do that are pretty funny — and, unfortunately, accurate.

    1. Asking questions during a movie.


    we have to stop normalizing “wait, what is happening?” and “who is that?” #youhaveto

    ♬ you have to stop supporting trump - hannah_harpist

    2. Not closing the door when you leave a room.

    3. Saying you're "on the way" when you haven't even left your house.

    4. Calling your coworkers when they go on vacation.

    5. Doing this every time you talk or sing.


    Karen’s be thinking you’re harassing them🤔😳😂 #MorningCheer #ShowYourAge #IGotTheMusic #funny #fingerguns best music= @hannah_harpist

    ♬ you have to stop supporting trump - hannah_harpist

    6. Adding fractions to your height.

    7. Not washing your feet or legs in the shower.

    8. Stealing other people's french fries because you didn't order your own.

    9. Sending a bunch of texts in a row instead of sending just one longer text.

    10. "Advertising" your new Instagram post on your story.

    11. Not using your blinker when driving.


    i lose respect for you if you think ur too cool for a blinker

    ♬ you have to stop supporting trump - hannah_harpist

    12. Saying "chai tea latte" instead of just "chai latte."


    also it’s pronounced both “chai” and “cha” doesn’t matter, it’s all 🍇✨#voiceeffects

    ♬ you have to stop supporting trump - hannah_harpist

    13. Following and unfollowing people on Instagram.

    What annoying things do you think people need to "stop doing"? Let me know in the comments below!