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People Are Sharing Rude, Annoying Things You Do At Their Jobs But May Not Realize

*Takes notes.*

On Saturday, Reddit user @PM_ME_STATISTICS asked, "What is the 'leaving a shopping cart in the parking lot' of your profession?" People replied with things people do at their jobs that piss them off.

Here's what they said:

1. Software customer support employee:

"When people say, 'It's not working, just fix it.'" —saugoof

2. Landscaper:

"When the other trades destroy fresh landscaping or irrigation." —anal_gland_expressor

3. Servers:

"When clients always sit at the only dirty table in the whole restaurant." —Remarkable-Season

4. Delivery person:

"When someone lives in a gated community and doesn't leave an access code in the delivery notes. Then, when they don't answer their phone." —crimsonblob

5. Law office's delivery person:

"I worked as a bike messenger for a legal service for years. I made so many 'super special hot rush' deliveries to locked or completely empty offices. The worst was being told to 'stay dry out there.' Too late, bruh, I've been wet since 8:30 and it's unlikely I'll dry off until 7." —CovfefeYourself

6. Electrician:

"When people don't label anything (breakers, fusers, etc.)." —PM_ME_A__THUMBS_UP

7. Gym employee:

"When people don't put their weights back." —Stabfacenotback

8. Receptionist at doctor's office:

"When someone brings a magazine they took from the waiting room into their appointment room, then leaves it there after the appointment is done — even though they’re headed directly back to the waiting room to pay." —Paranoid_ForLife

9. Piano player at bar:

"Setting a drink on the grand piano. Knocking it over ruins the soundboard." —Back2Bach

10. Teacher/professor:

"When someone doesn't write their name on a test or paper, leaving me to try and figure it out based on handwriting." —dumbandconcerned

11. Hairdresser:

"When someone says, 'I was sick of my hair, so I did it myself. Now fix it. And if you can't fix it the way I want it due to the massacre I performed, it's all your fault.'" —FountainSheers

12. Truck driver:

"When I pull up to a delivery and I see a huge parking lot, and one car is parked in front of the delivery door." —billybatsdeadbody

13. Store worker:

"When someone leaves the shopping cart in the parking lot." —NefariousAntiomorph

When things go back to normal, let's make sure we keep all these things in mind.