6 Creative Ways To Use BuzzFeed Community

Or 6 ways to make your friends and family go viral.

Did you know BuzzFeed Community can be used in a lot of different ways?

Our users have made posts about everything from marriage proposals to school rivalries.

Here are 6 awesome and creative things they have done!

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1. Instead of an under water proposal, BuzzFeed is a great way to propose.

BuzzFeeder, bmchugh0042 did it, and she said yes!

2. A BuzzFeed Birthday card is definitely an upgrade from an e-card.

BuzzFeeder Matt Saccaro made our Community Editor Cates a totally awesome birthday card.

3. And nothing will make your mom happier than a public acknowledgement.

4. Maybe you are looking for a creative way to ask someone to prom, but are fresh out of post it notes

5. Or you need a fresh platform for creating a cover letter

Erin got hired, and is the coolest.

6. Or you are ready to take your college rivalry to the next level

This BuzzFeeder really one upped Rhodes.

And remember, there is no limit to how creative you can get!

Start posting!

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