12 Reasons To Go To Prom With Me

Since just asking was not creative enough I’m running out of options. Here goes nothing.

1. Justin Timberlake insists

ID: 962984

2. My original date unfortunately had to cancel for reasons that are none of your business

ID: 962994

3. Sadly for you, Mr. Burns is not a plausible suitor

ID: 963002

4. Theres only a 50% chance I’ll dress like this

ID: 963005

5. I give great gifts

ID: 963042

6. I’ll bring you a jacket, because you somehow magically get cold when it’s sixty degrees out

ID: 962972

7. Banana Joe

ID: 962975

8. I won’t dance like this…

ID: 963030

9. Or this…

ID: 963031

10. The theme is old Hollywood, so I’ll limit myself to two Casablanca references, one Citizen Kane, and at least one Jimmy Stewart impression.

No promises

ID: 962952

11. I have a poster of Clint Eastwood in my room so through the transitive property I’m kind of a bad ass

ID: 963019

12. I made you a mix CD. You can have it if you say yes

I mean c’mon I at least need to have some sort of leverage here.

ID: 962962

May the Fourth be with you… and may you be with me at Prom on May Fourth.

ID: 962957

Since asking in person was not suffice maybe I’ll give you the URL to this in person.

And they say chivalry is dead! Just let me know your decision so I can burn the CD. Either in the technical sense or, depending on the answer, maybe in the literal sense.
P.S. Chances are I will probably need a ride. Just so we’re on the same page

ID: 963034

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