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Joseph Lezza

I babysit adults for a living. So, it's either deal with frustration through the wonders of comedic writing...or chew on a boot. And, it's not boot weather.

Jun 2015
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    Joseph Lezza commented on Show Us Your Best Halloween Costume Ever

    Elliott from E.T. Had to borrow (swipe) the handlebars from my roommate’s bike and ask a clerk from a convenience store for an empty milk crate. I can still remember his face. “ don’t actually want the milk...?”

    3 months ago

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    Joseph Lezza commented on Timothée Chalamet And Armie Hammer Are Reprising Their Roles In A "Call Me By Your Name" Sequel

    Is the writer of this article familiar with the difference between a “prologue” and an “epilogue?”

    9 months ago

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    Joseph Lezza commented on What's The Worst Plot Hole In TV History?

    One thing I never understood about Gilmore Girls was how Lorelai was able to run away to the Independence Inn at 16 years of age without ever being picked up by the police. Though legally able to drop out of school, she was still a minor and I find it hard to believe that Richard… 

    2 years ago

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    Joseph Lezza commented on Show Us The Cosplay You're Most Proud Of

    My friend and I have been going to conventions together for the last several years and it's always our aim to pick a movie couple that skirts the line of obscurity just enough so that we will still be recognized but likely avoid duplicates. This is us dressed as Robbie Hart and Julia… 

    4 years ago

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