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    17 Photos That Prove Josh Hutcherson Is Actually A Baby Bear

    Josh Hutcherson is, without question, one of the most adorable creatures to ever walk this green earth. Any human who aspires to his level of cuteness is committing folly. And, that is because Josh Hutcherson has one major advantage. He is, in fact, a baby bear.

    1. Baby bears in the wild choose habitats that are close to a water source.

    Socialite Life/Christopher Dodds

    So does Josh Hutcherson.

    2. Baby bears spend most of their downtime with their best puppy pals.

    Pinterest/Srdjan Zivulovic / Reuters/Landov

    So does Josh Hutcherson.

    3. Baby bears like to frolic in mud puddles to cool off on hot days.

    Tyler Shields/Sussi Køber

    So does Josh Hutcherson.

    4. Baby bears always choose basketball as their favorite non-bear activity.

    Just Jared/

    So does Josh Hutcherson.

    5. Baby bears actually spend a large amount of time dabbling in amateur photography.

    Just Jared Jr./Paul Cry/Barcroft USA

    So does Josh Hutcherson.

    6. Baby bears practice roughhousing with their siblings as a means of showing affection.

    Fanpop/Jess Lee Photography

    So does Josh Hutcherson.

    7. Only two beings have ever mastered the over-the-shoulder red carpet pose.

    Getty/Cathy & Gordon ILLG

    Baby bears and Josh. Freaking. Hutcherson.

    8. It's like he's not even trying to hide it.


    9. He just shoves it in our faces.

    Pinterest / Getty

    10. "Go ahead, bro. Call me out. I dare you."

    Pinterest/Katherine Feng/Minden/Solent

    11. Stop playing coy, Josh.

    Wattpad/Daniel J. Cox /Barcroft Media

    12. This is no laughing matter!

    HITFIX/Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary

    13. Look at that profile.

    Getty/Carolyn E. Wright

    14. Look at those brown button eyes.

    Twitter/Edward Cooley

    15. The evidence is black and white.

    feelgrafix / Getty

    16. You're a baby bear, Josh.

    Wattpad /

    17. We've known for a long time now.


    But, don't worry. Your secret is safe with us.

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