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8 Answers To Questions You’ve Always Had About "Clueless"


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Even 20 years after the birth of Clueless, we still have lingering questions about the plot and characters. We talked with Elisa Donovan (Amber) and Stacey Dash (Dionne) to see if they could enlighten us and fill in some of the gaps.

According to Stacey, all we need to know is that this bitch wore polyester braids and is therefore a nobody.

Joyce Lee / BuzzFeed

Stacey: She's the one who wore polyester braids. That's who Shawana was.

Elisa says, nope, it was all part of Amber's plan.

Joyce Lee / BuzzFeed

Elisa: No, this is why Amber is actually a genius! Because she says things that will allow her to not actually have to do the work.

But did she actually prepare the speech?

Joyce Lee / BuzzFeed

Elisa: Oh, definitely! I think Amber is prepared for EVERYTHING. She's an over-preparer I would say, based on her wardrobe.

Stacey: She's a liar. A liar! WHATEVER.

Elisa says of course not...

Joyce Lee / BuzzFeed

Elisa: Is that a real question?! She would NEVER buy the same dress as Cher! She would buy it first.

Stacey: Yes [Amber] would have [bought the same dress]!

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