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People Are Losing Their Shit Over This Photo Of Justin Trudeau Holding Baby Pandas

Oh come on.

Hey so remember that time Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister of Canada and the world lost its shit because he's pretty nice looking and then we all got over it because he has a country to run?

Well get ready for some throwback thirst because TRUDEAU JUST POSED WITH SOME BABY PANDAS.

Just look at this charming schmuck.

People lost their minds a little bit. And can you blame them?

Just when I thought I had my Justin Trudeau crush under control he goes and hugs some baby pandas.

@JustinTrudeau l LOVE Pandas, and I LOVE you Mr. Trudeau, can't decide who is more cute in the pictures.

Justin Trudeau hugging pandas is just. too. much.

And especially given the ~contrast~ with American politics right now — hi Donald Trump! — Trudeau and his cuddle puddle is looking especially attractive to our neighbours down south.

Trump: I have a really big dick Trudeau: I have two pandas

.@JustinTrudeau wasn't born, he manifested in a cloud of smoke after 2 feminists made a wish at the exact same time

Computer, give me a picture that is cartoonishly opposite of America.

Sorry, America.

Remember that time Stephen Harper went all the way to China to snuggle a panda and everyone was like "lol whatever"? Yeah.