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    17 Of The Most Wholesomely Sweet Behind-The-Scenes "Sex Education" Cast Moments

    "I've never sucked the head before." —Asa Butterfield

    1. First, when Asa Butterfield shared his very sneaky go-to prank that literally only involves a bottle of water:

    Asa says, "You'd get a bottle of water like this, and then you poke a little hole in the bottom. And you walk around with your finger over the hole. Then, you take your finger off the hole and spray their crotch with water, and they have no idea!"
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    2. When Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa just couldn't get over Asa's innate adorableness:

    Emma and Ncuti guess that Asa's favorite snack is a sandwich but then he says no and they're shocked. He shares that his real favorite snack is a banana milkshake and Ncuti and Emma bask in Asa's cuteness.
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    3. When Asa, Ncuti, Emma, Aimee Lou Wood, Kedar Williams-Stirling, and Connor Swindells proved, once and for all, that they cannot draw...even if their lives depended on it:

    Aimee shows Emma her portrait of her and says it looks like Steve from "Stranger Things." Emma laughs and says she appreciates the eyebrow game. Kedar asks why Connor's picture has a pointy chin. Asa sucks in his cheeks to match Ncuti's picture of him.
    Netflix / / Via

    4. When Connor and George Robinson swung by the costume department and chose chaos:

    George sits with a giant paper-mache penis on his head, then Connor tries on all the dresses. And when none of them fit, he gets fully naked behind the costume racks.
    Netflix / / Via

    5. When Asa made this accidental NSFW joke while eating crawfish, and Ncuti and Emma couldn't stop laughing:

    Asa says, "I've never sucked the head before. It's always terrified me." Ncuti and Emma laugh.
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    6. When Alistair Petrie gave off major dad energy with his top-notch camera skills:

    Alistair holds a camera and it's very zoomed in on his face and shirt.
    Netflix / / Via

    7. When Tanya Reynolds revealed where her absolute favorite place to be on set was and why:

    Tanya says she loves Lily's room because there are "willies and bums" everywhere and jokes she'd like to decorate her room like that.
    Netflix / / Via

    8. When Ncuti exposed Asa for stealing Kate Herron's popsicle and Doreene Blackstock just sat back and watched the chaos unfold:

    Ncuti showing off that he and his onscreen mom Doreene Blackstock have popsicles, then he says that their great director Kate Herron sacrificed hers for Asa.
    @ncutigatwa / Via Instagram: @ncutigatwa

    9. When Ncuti went in for a fist bump and Asa just slapped it:

    Ncuti goes to fist-bump Asa but Asa just slaps his hand against Ncuti's fist and he's truly flabbergasted.
    Lad Bible / / Via

    10. When Mimi Keene and Asa revealed they had little on-set karaoke sessions:

    Mimi and Asa reveal that they love singing Elton John's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" on set.
    BuzzFeed / / Via

    11. When Emma and Asa took a little midday stroll through the Moordale set:

    Emma and Asa are walking with their arms wrapped around one another. Aimee yells "hey guys" and they both turn around and Asa throws up a peace sign.
    @aimeelouwood / Via Instagram: @aimeelouwood

    12. When Asa taught his onscreen mom Gillian Anderson how to floss like a pro:

    @gllians / Via Twitter: @gllians

    13. When Emma — who looks very similar to Margot Robbie — joked about a past interview where Asa said his celebrity crush was Margot Robbie:

    Emma points at Asa and says "Margot Robbie?" and then makes a kooky face at the camera.
    BuzzFeed / / Via

    14. When Chinenye Ezeudu shared her biggest (and most iconic, TBH) acting inspiration:

    Chinenye Ezeudu says that when she's acting, she always likes to think "what would Michelle Obama do?"

    15. When Asa strutted his stuff for Ncuti and everyone else behind the camera:

    @ncutigatwa / Via Instagram: @ncutigatwa

    16. When Ncuti got just a tiiiiiiny bit too into his game of Mario Kart:

    Ncuti, Asa, Connor, and Kedar are playing "Mario Kart" and Ncuti is intensely staring at the screen trying to play. He somehow ends up on the ceiling and yells and swears in frustration while the other guys laugh.
    Netflix / / Via

    17. And finally, when the cast gave it up for the real star of Season 3, Goat:

    @sexeducation / Via Twitter: @sexeducation

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