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    27 Facts About "Sex Education" That'll Make You Want To Rewatch Every Episode

    This makes me love the series even more than I already do.

    You've probably heard of Sex Education by now β€” the adorably funny, coming-of-age Netflix masterpiece that focuses on teens growing up and exploring their sexuality.


    And with Season 2 done and dusted (I binge-watched that SO fast), here are some interesting facts about the show that'll tide you over until the next one drops.


    1. The show's bold and colourful aesthetic was heavily inspired by John Hughes' movies from the 1980s.


    Laurie Nunn β€” the genius behind Sex Education β€” spent her teen years watching films like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles. Alongside director Ben Taylor, they decided to give the show a retro feel to not only pay homage to classic teen tropes, but to also give them a fresh perspective by combining it with contemporary storylines.

    2. And the main reason why Sex Education feels like a blend of British and American high school culture is so it could be more accessible to international audiences.


    You've probably noticed that although Sex Education is set in the UK, there's a lot references to American high school culture, like letterman jackets, the absence of uniforms and students playing American football.

    Jamie Campbell β€” the show's executive producer β€” also mentioned that a lot of British shows, like Grange Hill for example, tend to look a bit miserable and show the worst times of our lives. On the other hand, Sex Education was made to look "aspirational" and reflect an environment where teens would be having memorable and positive experiences.

    3. Speaking of '80s movie references, the episode where the girls have detention in the library and are forced to work together is similar to the plot of The Breakfast Club.

    Universal Pictures, Netflix

    If you're not up to date with your John Hughes movies, The Breakfast Club focuses on five high schoolers from different social groups completing detention together. And in Sex Education, Maeve, Aimee, Ola, Lily, Viv and Olivia β€” who are from different school cliques β€” are forced to spend detention together, which then leads to them bonding, despite their differences, and the emotional bus scene.

    4. And there's a scene of Principal Groff trying to peep in on the session between his wife and Jean Milburn that is almost identical to one in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

    Netflix, Paramount Pictures

    5. The show features a lot of talented and seasoned actors, like Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully from The X-Files), Asa Butterfield (Bruno from The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas) and Hannah Waddingham (Septa Unella from Game Of Thrones).

    Fox, Walt Disney, HBO

    And just in case you've forgotten their character counterparts, Gillian plays Jean Milburn, Asa plays her son, Otis, and Hannah plays Jackson's mum, Sofia Marchetti.

    6. As well as a lot of newcomers, like Emma Mackey (Maeve Wiley) and Aimee Lou Wood (Aimee Gibbs) who had their screen debut with Sex Education.


    Bonus fact: Emma didn't even have proper headshots to send to the producers for her audition! She used some from her Instagram instead.

    7. To prepare for the sex scenes, the cast had a workshop with Ita O'Brien β€” an intimacy director β€” who made them watch, then replicate, videos of different animals mating.


    According to the cast, they watched lions, cats, bonobos and even slugs doing the dirty. πŸ‘€

    8. And while filming, they would follow a choreographed "dance" involving beats, so they would know when to move on to each step.


    In an interview with IndieWire, Emma said that choreographing the intimacy scenes helped make them more practical, fun and safe. So while filming, it would often play out like, "We’re gonna kiss for three beats, and then you’re gonna put me against the wall, and you can touch me here, and then we’re gonna make out more and then you’ll lift me after four."

    9. When Gillian Anderson first got the script for Sex Education, she threw it in the bin before her boyfriend β€” Peter Morgan β€” convinced her to take another look at it.


    Gillian ended up re-reading the script and found it hilarious, which is a God send because she plays Jean so damn well.

    10. When auditioning for the part of Adam, Connor had to act out a combination of the Curly Wurly scene and the part in the canteen where he drops his pants.


    He had to perform this in an office with Ben and producer Jon Jennings.

    11. Much of the series was shot around England and Wales. For example, the scenes for Moordale High were filmed in a former university in Newport.


    12. While a lot of the nature scenes were done in the Forest of Dean, which was also used as a key location in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    Netflix, Warner Bros

    13. The outfit Ncuti Gatwa (Eric Effiong) wore in the emotional prom scene during Season 1 was a made-to-measure suit cut from traditional Kente Ghanian cloth.


    And according to Ncuti, it's one of his favourite outfits he's ever worn for the series.

    14. There were around 50-100 supporting artists on set every day.


    15. And each individual would have 45 garments used to help style them.

    BAFTA Guru / Via

    They were all dressed by Tom Hopkins, the crowd costume supervisor.

    16. The posters Adam makes when Madam goes missing in Season 1 contain a reference to Stranger Things.

    Netflix / Reddit: BlueCowGreenSheep / Via

    As you can see, the one Adam makes is done in exactly the same format as the one used for Will Byer's poster in Stranger Things.

    17. In an adorable parallel, Connor Swindells (Adam) and Aimee are dating IRL.

    18. And Aimee originally auditioned for the role of Lily.


    But that role eventually went to Tanya Reynolds.

    19. During the party scenes in Season 2, all of Otis' drunk dance moves were improvised by Asa.


    In an interview with BT, Asa said, "I was twerking, I took my top off. It was very heightened, but also very cathartic."

    20. And to make the "vomit" used for the hangover scenes, they used a mixture of Innocent Smoothie and Weetabix.


    21. Many of the show's interiors β€” like the Milburns' house β€” are sets constructed completely from scratch.

    BAFTA Guru / Via

    Although for those lush exterior and balcony shots where Jean and Otis are having breakfast, a chalet located in Wye Valley, Herefordshire was used. And if you're interested, you'll soon be able to rent it!

    22. All the dance scenes had to be filmed without music playing.


    Which made things slightly more awkward, of course.

    23. To film Otis' car wanking scene in Season 2, coconut shampoo and a prosthetic penis were used to get the money shot.


    Just to give your mind a refresh, this was part of the opening montage of Season 2 where Otis has the urge to masturbate EVERYWHERE. As he's waiting in the car for Jean to return from an errand, he goes at it and gets caught β€” but not before he finishes the deed. To get the shot, numerous adjustments of a prosthetic penis were used, as well as a well-timed and angled blast of coconut shampoo on the driver's side window.

    24. There's a full-time sex educator working on the series who sends feedback on scripts to ensure accuracy.


    While the show is fun and games a lot of the time, the producers thought there was a responsibility to give accurate advice, especially when the lead character does so.

    25. While filming Season 2, a running joke between Ben Taylor β€” the director of Sex Education β€” and Asa was him shouting, "Engage boner!". This became Asa's cue to take out the prosthetic penis in his pocket and put it under his jeans.


    26. There's a cameo from Stephen Fry during the finals for the quiz competition β€” which is a throwback to when he hosted QI, a British quiz show.


    27. And lastly, there was an alternative ending filmed for the end of Season 2.


    If you don't remember, Season 2 finished with the sort of cliffhanger that makes you want to pull out your hair. Otis goes to visit Maeve after leaving a voicemail explaining his feelings for her. But as luck would have it, he just misses her, and instead trusts Isaac to tell Maeve to check her phone. Being the "dirty pig" he is, Isaac listens to Maeve's voicemail and DELETES Otis' message, and we're left with no happy reunion scene. The series then ends with both of them walking off in different directions.

    Now, the difference with the alternative version would be that it would still have the same slow-mo tracking shot of the leads, but Ben directed Asa and Emma to look as if they had just seen each other, which would hint at something more hopeful between the two of them for the next season.

    I'm already counting down the days until Season 3.


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