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    I Hope We Will See These 15 Things In Season 4 Of "Sex Education"

    Are you already counting down the days until Season 4 or are you normal.

    "Sex Education" recently returned for Season 3 on Netflix, and it quickly jumped to the #1 spot on Netflix's most watched shows.

    Just one week after Season 3 premiered, Netflix announced that Season 4 was on the way.

    Breaking News out of #TUDUM! Sex Education has been renewed for Season 4!

    Twitter: @netflix

    So, here are 15 things that I'm curious about seeing in Season 4 of this ground-breaking show:

    WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

    1. Do Otis and Maeve finally make a go of it as a couple?

    2. Will Eric and Adam reunite?

    3. Will there be a love interest for Ruby?

    4. Will Aimee’s personal journey continue?

    5. What's Jean’s life like as a new mother, and who is the baby’s father?

    6. What will be the fate of Moordale Secondary?

    7. Will there be more screen time for Anwar and Nick’s relationship?

    8. Will the tension between Eric and Rahim be resolved?

    9. Does Viv’s new relationship get more screen time?

    10. Does Jackson and Cal’s relationship turn into more?

    11. What will the future hold for the Groffs?

    12. What’s next for Isaac?

    13. Will there be more focus on Lily and Ola’s relationship?

    14. What fabulous friendship will happen next?

    15. Finally, in what new ways will the show continue its important portrayal of sex and relationships?

    Whatever Season 4 brings, it's sure to be a rollercoaster. I'm already counting down the days!