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    17 Celebrity TikToks You 100% Missed This Week But Should Probably See

    "This one's for Vine."

    1. Tana Mongeau hung out with her celeb twin, Paris Hilton:

    2. Steve Harvey got caught grooming his infamous 'stache:

    3. David Dobrik put gravity to the ultimate test:

    4. Howie Mandel did the Renegade...kinda:

    5. Meghan Trainor proved that wow...she CAN really dance:

    6. Emma Chamberlain got her groove on in the tampon aisle:

    7. Terry Crews played a little tune on the flute:

    8. Jordan Fisher did, um, well...this:

    9. Jessica Alba and her daughter danced it out:

    10. Liza Koshy and Alicia Keys paid tribute to Vine:

    11. James Charles and Bretman Rock revealed who's actually better at blending their eye shadow:

    12. Lizzo was looking like a snacc for the Brit Awards:

    13. Iris Apatow got real about how she and her sister, Maude, are practically identical:

    14. Justin Bieber shaved his mustachio:

    15. Dua Lipa posted her first TikTok:

    16. Derek Hough, J.Lo, and Ne-Yo goofed around behind the scenes of World of Dance:

    17. And finally, Joe Jonas proved, yet again, that he is the funniest JoBro: