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25 Questions Single People Have For Couples

Who takes the photos of you two kissing?

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1. Are public displays of affection really necessary?

2. What do you talk about everyday?

3. Who takes the photos of you kissing? Do you pay them?


Did your mom take this? A hotel employee, perhaps?

4. Do you ever miss your alone time?

Don't you miss the days of talking to yourself and watching Bravo for 14 hours straight?

5. Do you know that no one but you thinks your pet names are cute?


Address them by their given name not what you would call a pomeranian PLEASE.

6. Do you eat off each other's plates?


Because that is fucked up. Touching each other's food is crossing the line.

7. Why are you always trying to play matchmaker with your single friends?

They might be OK with being single. Crazy, I know.

8. Do you ever miss having the bed all to yourself?

9. Do you really HAVE to post these pictures of yourselves on Facebook?

You two are 13. You belong to your parents and no one else.

10. And are these Facebook statuses necessary?

"Idc I want to be with him forever summer I'm in love..."

11. Is it possible for you to be next to each other without touching?

Comedy Central

Or will you burst into flames if you don't make contact every hour?

12. Why do you tweet and write on each other's walls when you can just text each other? / Via

You have their number. USE IT.

13. Why the HELL do you sit on the same side of the booth in restaurants?

Unless you're splitting a meal, this is unacceptable. And even then... it's questionable.

14. How does it feel having sex with the same person over and over again?

NBC Universal / Via

Dontcha ever just want to mix it up?

15. Why do you need to wait for each other to watch shows?

16. Is it weird having to consider another person every time you make a decision?

17. What is the point of engagement photos?


We already know you're engaged... you posted it all over Facebook.

18. If you're going to fight, why can't you do it when you're ALONE?

New Line Cinema

And for goodness sake DO NOT LOOK AT ME AND ASK WHOSE SIDE I'M ON.

19. Why can't you hang out without your bae around?

Like does your boyfriend really NEED to come to my bachelorette party?

20. Why do you have to talk to each other AT EVERY WAKING MOMENT?

21. Don't you get sick of always having to shave?

22. What do you talk about on dates?

Universal Pictures

Seriously. They must bore you SOMETIMES.

23. Why do you have to know where the other person is at all times?

Have you gotten to the point of using GPS tracking on each other? Because please, no.

24. Why do you talk to each other like babies?


That is a full grown human you're taking to. You are not dating a newborn.

25. And do you actually think couples' costumes are cute?

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