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We Tried A Bunch Of Weird Snack Combinations And They Were Questionable

Twizzlers and nacho cheese?

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Hi and hello fellow food-lovers, Lara and Pablo here, and we recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for some of their weird-ass snack combinations. Then, we decided to eat them to see if they are pure genius or simply cruel!

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We've really gotta learn to stop listening to your advice.

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Lara's thoughts: Chocolate chip cookies are DELICIOUS on their own. Why the hell would you bring ranch dressing into the equation? Don't even get me started on ranch, it's disgusting, and I stand by that. But now it's here trying to ruin my cookies? Fuck. This. Dish.

Pablo's thoughts: I applaud the person who can willingly eat this, because they must have a steel stomach. Cookies and ranch are perfectly fine on their own, but together, they are a toxic-ass couple. Really, this tastes toxic.

Overall rating: 0/5, most likely to cause diarrhea


Lara's thoughts: This honestly wasn't that bad. I mean, it was bad. But after eating Ranch-covered cookies, I know that it could definitely be worse. Pickles are delicious, as is peanut butter. They don't make the best couple, but I can tolerate them. Would I eat this again? I'M NOT PSYCHIC. I guess we'll see.

Pablo's thoughts: FUCK. PICKLES. Don't @ me. I already have a bias, so I knew I was gonna hate this going in. Peanut butter is sacred and has gotten me through life's toughest moments, and I'm sad to say, it couldn't even get me through this disaster.

Overall rating: 2/5, bad, but probably only slight stomachache bad

Lara's thoughts: This is an abomination. Who created this? Is this some kind of sick joke? Nacho cheese should be ashamed of itself for existing, and Twizzlers are fine on their own. STOP THIS MADNESS.

Pablo's thoughts: I'm not mad at it, I just don't understand why this exists. There's no scooping power with a Twizzler, so you'd just be wasting a whole bunch of perfectly good nacho cheese!! It's not rational.

Overall rating: 0/5, not even being high could make you enjoy this


Lara's thoughts: This is so fucking good. I mean it. It's so good. Eat it. Try it. Love it. Thank me (yes, I'm taking credit for it) later. Long live pickle juice and Cheetos.

Pablo's thoughts:
My thoughts on pickles have not changed since you last saw me encounter one, but I'll end this on a lighter note. To me, this just tasted like a wet Cheeto, which isn't particularly good or bad, just, wet. So if you're into that kinda thing, go off!

Overall rating: 5/5, may cause stomachache but said stomachache would be totally worth it

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